Im an artist Just painting some happy trees
  • From : Temple, United States
  • Joined : Wed 2nd Oct 2019, 4 years ago

About Me

Here's the website.
My Soundcloud is dope too.
I'm just some dude who makes music on my phone when I'm bored. Womp

Instruments I play

I'm a beast at the Tuba. Hahaha... but seriously.. though I am. I also play guitar, bass, I play the drums but I suck at the drums. Lol. And I'll attempt to play everything else even if I've never played it before. Lol

Software I Use

FL Studio Mobile

Hardware I Use

My Android phone. Lol

Listening To Right Now

Everybody Bitch at Me

10 Favourite Albums

Probably all the ones that got stolen from me

My Influences / Fav Artists

Probably recreational pharmaceutical supplements. I'm a bad influence.

My Music Sounds Like

Some stuff I play in my car

In My Other Life I ...

I have several lives... which are you referring to?