• From : Cascadia, United States
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About Me

I waste a lot of time on the internet, and try to avoid the herpies. Sometimes I forget what city I'm living in. I havent been sad in a realy long time and i don't miss anyone.

Instruments I play

Skin Flute......Butt Trumpet

Software I Use

This shoul'd say, software that I abuse. Ableton wich should be correctly named Mableton, or "If youre Ableton",,,, because go hed and try to figure out how to use this software and good luck. I also use Adobe Audition, wich if youre a fan of Peter Quistgard, you know it as the newer and inferior version of Cool Edit Pro.

Hardware I Use

Roland SP555, Roland MC303, Stanto C324. I realy only use the groove-box for this sort of thing on that end. Other than that I have a crew of WIFI-conscious Midi-bots that operate my phrase samples

Listening To Right Now

I've given up on independant and codependant music's for now. Commercial and non-commercial music both have degenerated. Maybe it will get better with the turn of the decade.
Although I do find alot of bands that I like on Myspace.

10 Favourite Albums

Umaguma_by Pink Floyd
Metaphysical Grafitti_by the Dead Milkmen
Party music_by the Coup
Liscence to Ill_by the Beasty Boys
Hairy Way to Steven_by the Butthole Surfers
Vivisect6_by Skinny Puppy
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste_by Ministry
Digital Dump_by the Jack Officers
Martha Splatter Heads t.M.S.E.T_by the Accused.
Do people still buy albums?

My Influences / Fav Artists

Childhood: Drugs and trying to open the door to the otherside.
Adulthood: Sobriety and trying to close the door to the otherside.

My Music Sounds Like

Sonic Youth dipped in Sherm.

In My Other Life I ...

Super Hero (lord-fresh)