Interview with MadHatter
  • From : Chicago, United States
  • Joined : Thu 24th Dec 2009, 13 years ago

About Me

Im Cody1333, the one and only member of AbSYNth Backlash. I live just outside of Chicago. Look me up on other profiles such as myspace, and facebook.

Instruments I play

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums.

Software I Use

Fruity Loops XXL 9 Producer, Reaper.
VST- Predator, Blue 101, Super wave Trance, Poizone, Morphine, Absynth 4, and many more.

Hardware I Use

Most of the vocals i use Digitech voice processors.
Guitars- Chravell Jackson custom, and Ibenez.

Listening To Right Now

1.Combichrist-Cant change the beat
2.Icon of Coil-Exsistance
3.Bile-Sex Reflex
4.Scissor Sister-Filthy
5.Pig-Rock this shotgun
6.DJ Scandy-I can touch it, but I cant feel it
7.Combichrist-This sh*t will f*ck you up
8.KMFDM-Mini Mini
10.Universal Sickness-I remain intact somehow

10 Favourite Albums

Favorite bands-NIN, Marilyn Manson, Combichrist, Icon of Coil, DJ Scandy, Pr*ck, Snake River Conspiracy, Van Halen, Gary Numan, KMFDM, PIG, Prince, Benni Bonasi, DJ Irene, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Bile, Suicide Commando, Skinny Puppy, Billy Idol, David Lee Roth, Static X, Gravity Kills, Angel Spit, Lords of Acid, Ayria, and many more.

My Influences / Fav Artists

The people and the world around me. The basic human emotions...love, hate, lust, rage, greed, and envy.

My Music Sounds Like

Vocally- Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Ministry
Lyrically- Lords of Acid, early Marilyn Manson
Musically- Combichrist, DEVO, NIN, DJ Scandy, Icon of Coil, Angel Spit.

In My Other Life I ...

I work a dead end job, But i work on my music at work the whole time, so thats a plus.