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About Me

Two guys with mostly rock musical backgrounds writing techno.

Some people think I'm rough in my reviews but I swear I'm not trying to be. I just think that everyone saying "I LOVE IT" and nothing else is worthless. If I love it, I'll say so, but I always try and give helpful criticism to make it better. Nothing is so good that it can't get better. What you do with my criticism is your business. But I've also got thick skin too, so if there is something in the tracks on our page you don't like let me know, but "it sucks" is not criticism. Give me a reason.

Much Love.

EDIT!!: I just realized I never put who the two guys are.

Members: zero1 and BylliGoat
(I'm BylliGoat, though zero1 frequently likes to read the reviews)

Oh hey btw I've noticed the downloads counter on the tracks is usually higher than the reviews! I totally love that you like our tracks enough to put em in you library o' sound but hey, stop a second to tell me why!

If any of you use my loops please send me a link I really really really want to see what people do with them! I would love to know that I helped anyone in the creation of music!!

Instruments I play

Well I just sing, but zero1 plays guitar and piano. I can hold my own on drums I guess.

And actually here of all places i think the computer should count as an instrument.

Software I Use

FL Studio 8.

Hardware I Use

Just got our first beatpad - I forget the name of it. Freaking expensive though.

Listening To Right Now

In no particular order

"The Package" - A Perfect Circle
"Sick Sad Little World" - Incubus
"H." - Tool
"Stockholm Syndrome" - Muse
"Buttercup" - Deadmau5
"Cymru Beats" - Aphex Twin
"Moving for the Sake of Motion" - Underoath
"Waters of Nazerath" - Justice
Will update later.

10 Favourite Albums

In no particular order

Silence - Blindside
AEnema - Tool
Crow Left of the Murder - Incubus
Absolution - Muse
Say Hello to Sunshine - Finch
Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Gheraldi
Define the Great Line - Underoath
Idealism - Digitalism

My Influences / Fav Artists

Deadmau5, Tool, Daft Punk, Incubus, Digitalism, Various others.

My Music Sounds Like

Noise. But with beats and stuff. Sometimes singing.

In My Other Life I ...

I'm married to the love of my present and infinite future, with a little boy due on the 2nd of october!

I'm in college for my communications degree, and I'm a manager of a shoe store.

And I play way too much video games. If you have an xbox my GamerTag is BylliGoat! Add me as a friend there if you want!

ZERO1 is a tour guide in alaska during the summer, and goes to school in between in idaho for business. He also writes solo acoustic alternative music that is very good. You can check those out at