• From : Saku vald, Estonia
  • Joined : Thu 25th Apr 2019, 1 year ago

About Me

im 18.years old growing up man,who enjoy to make music,somethimes mastering friends track,and i make music literaly my self not for others,if they like thats make me feel much better

Instruments I play

Actualy no i dont

Software I Use

FL studio 20.1 Demo,Cimatyc fm,Looperman

Hardware I Use

I have basic gaming keyboard and basic gaming mouse with what i make trap at the fl sdutio

Listening To Right Now

i Listen:Trap,hiphop,pop,trapcity and others

10 Favourite Albums

I don't have favorite album

My Influences / Fav Artists

I don't have favorite artist but i like meny producers

My Music Sounds Like

My music is not like a top producers beats,but its isint that bat tho!

In My Other Life I ...

WHen i don't make music then im problably soldier but there i go to.I Maeke music because i enjoy to meake music and im 17: