• From : Newcastle, United Kingdom
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About Me

Im 18 and i recently got into music, I'm currently producing tracks with the aim to be a fully self sufficient self made artist who can do each step of production independently.

Instruments I play

i know zero music theory tbh

Software I Use

i use Logic pro x as my DAW

Hardware I Use

i just use my Daw and a couple plugins atm i don't really have and proper equipment except for my cheap ass Mac book if you'd class that.

Listening To Right Now

Im currently listening to Phoras new album 'love is hell' and Russ's new album 'ZOO' both are polar opposites in terms of vibes and production but I'm loving both so far.

10 Favourite Albums

Theirs so many great albums that i love so I'm just gunna list off a few: 50 Cent - get rich or die trying'
Eminem: Marshal matters LP
Phora: Angel with broken wings + Still a kid
Any outcast album
J cole:2014 forrest hills drive + for your eyez only + KOD
and really theirs a lot of shit from NAS and JayZ like the blueprint but i wasn't listening to them when they dropped so i don't feel as strongly for them.

My Influences / Fav Artists

My major musical influences from my childhood would have to be artists like 50 cent, eminem, and lil wayne however the artists that i am truly inspired by are Drake and Russ for their sound and range as well as their confident/cocky flows and subject matter.

My Music Sounds Like

Honestly couldn't say I'm still in the experimental phase atm ahahah

In My Other Life I ...

very business minded, looking to become a business teacher and eventually invest in real estate and become a landlord.