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About Me

Out- out are the lights- out all!
And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
While the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, "Man,"
And its hero the Conqueror Worm.
--Edgar Allan Poe

Instruments I play

everybody thinks they're the brain behind the operation
no body wants to be left out thinking they're expendable
they all think no one has done worse than them
this isnt a hard luck contest but look at someone elses situation

they all think they're the calm centre of everyones universe
keeping the world in balance and under control
your not needed the way you think you are
that without you everything would disperse

the world will go on without people like you
and you can be replaced by something better
i am the calm centre of my OWN world i live in
where the people like you become very few

does the word humble mean anything to anyone these days??

Software I Use

Baby angel sings
Sweet illusions in her eyes
But everything dies

Hardware I Use

I used to talk to people, way back when
Hear their words and be heard.
Now I listen, part my lips, and they disappear,
So I listen.
I smile and nod at the right places, they smile, a pat on the head.
Part my lips and they disappear.
I knew two girls recently. Both with sweet brown hair and brown eyes.
Different as the turning tides and clear blue sky.
They liked to talk, I smile and nod, they smile.
Part my Lips and they disappeared.
Perhaps my words are like a sweet poison.
And theirs the Angels song.
I smile and nod at the right places, they smile, a pat on the head.
Part my lips and they disappear.
So easily disappeared.
Close my lips,
How easily I disappeared.

Listening To Right Now

On deliberation
Deeply pondering
The strings that hold
Everything into place

On Omnipotence
Deeply pondering
The hands that said
The strings to hold and pull

Thoughts of Puppets
And Strings
Leave the lingering scent
Of sulfur
And Toluene

Clinking bottles of accelerant
Chimes reminiscent
Of bells
Tolling resolution
The sounds of our resolve

Dropping nitric acid
With acetone on the rocks
The lives of those we fight for like
So many specks of sawdust
Packed into a box

Ammonia drops and fertilizer bags
Naphthalene and
Oil-soaked rags
Smells like sulfur
And toluene

10 Favourite Albums

These broken bridges are just too hard to pass
But I'll configure 'til you understand
That all these sinners... they're just the same as friends

Well if you've got no broken bridges
You just ain't a man.

There are no options, no answers to choose
One way's in circles, the other you're screwed
All things considered- you just do what you can

Well you got no broken bridges
You just ain't a man

My Influences / Fav Artists

i tried to write something in your name, love,
but my mind drew a blank.

all i could see..
is you.

your lack of presence today
eats away at my heart.

so i'll fill the hole with gore,
because your absence leaves me

My Music Sounds Like

Fluorescent light
Illuminates washed-out faces
Tired eyes
Floating through an irrelevant fog.

Counting countless patterns
On the wall
In an attempt to grasp consciousness -
An undying fidelity to pain.

Vacant stares
Followed by acts of violence -
Watching silently, as to uncover the truth.
Lights flicker and die.

The darkness
Reveals new light
In the mind of a woman -
An attentive student again.
She sees and hears
Not only with her senses,
But with her heart and soul,
At the pattern of the words.

Thoughts explode -
Into a world of misconception
In anger and sorrow
In happiness and joy.

In My Other Life I ...

Not a day passes by
Where I don't see your face
Envisioned in my mind
I may be moving on
But bittersweet memories
Relentlessly plague me
You touch, voice and taste
Their remnants are all I have
To remember of you
Refusing to fade
From my heart, from my thoughts
I wish I could forget
Sweet words in my ear
The chill of your embrace
Your bittersweet lips
Haunts my dreams
Maybe in time, one day
I'll forget to remember.