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FAWK da police Or I Shamelessly Steal from Others
  • From : Hooversville PA, United States
  • Joined : Fri 5th Jun 2009, 12 years ago

About Me

I am me.

I like to write songs and sing them, and have been doing this since I was 12 with no intention of ever producing anything. Then, like two weeks ago, I decided it's finally time to give it a go. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, my composition skills SUCK and even my voice is horribly out of practice. And I don't care in the least. >:-D I love the feeling that music gives me, and that feeling is even stronger when it's your own!
I honestly do hope to someday gain enough talent to accurately share that feeling with others, or at least contribute to the wealth of loops on this site[you people really are freakin awesome! I sometimes get stuck just listening to single loops, and some of the tracks are utterly amazing], but as long as I enjoy myself, I aint gonna consider ANY of it a failure[except maybe that one track I made last night>:-P That was baaaaad...].

Instruments I play

Use to be decent with playing trombone and piano, but creatively inept when using an instrument. May have to look into piano again, though.

Software I Use

Pretty much working entirely with Audacity at the moment, though looking for a good FREE replacement for Fruityloops.

Hardware I Use

A laptop and half-broken microphone.

Listening To Right Now

Ehh... well, right now I'm really digging "The Machinist" by MrRobot[on this site, check it!].

Other than that... 2.) Happyface, by The Toadies 3.) Mad World, by Gary Jules (acoutstic), 4.) Pretty, by Kidneytheives, 5.) anything by Throdl 6.) anything by Garbage 7.) No One's Boy, by Marcy Playground 8.) Only, by NIN[stuck on it AGAIN] 9.) Diabolical by MSI and Pulse of the Maggots, by Slipknot

10 Favourite Albums

Man, this listing crap is really killing me. >:-/ It took like half an hour just to figure out what I'm liking at this moment, and now you want me to backtrack and include all time?? Maybe later...

My Influences / Fav Artists

I grew up listening to Neil Young, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Queen, and Pink Floyd. There are many other external factors dictating my current taste, but those five probably explain a lot.

My Music Sounds Like

A cross between metal, really bad punk, and the gayest love song you've ever heard.

Oh yeah, don't forget to mix with one cup mushrooms[magical for best results, though portabello will do], mince thoroughly and roast over an open an open flame until blackened and dead. >:-D

In My Other Life I ...

Psych student/web design/PC repair

Anyone need a band site done?? >:-D I am broooooke!