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  • From : Barcelona, Spain
  • Joined : Wed 1st Nov 2017, 1 year ago

About Me

I started to make "songs" with LMMS on october 2017 or so, I know 0 of music theory. But I have fun messing around. What I do is to have fun and share it with friends.

My playlist with all the songs I've made:

Instruments I play

Used to play the jembe on a low level hehe...

Software I Use

LMMS and Reaper

Hardware I Use

I have a midi keyboard Keystation mini 32, but a this moment I only use it for the drums and some random melodys.

Listening To Right Now

Mostly spanish rap, AYAX and PROK.
But I can hear anything that sounds good, for example: Green Grass and High Tides.

10 Favourite Albums

Tote king: Un tipo cualquiera (spanish rap)
Rapsusklei: Hijos de puta para todo (spanish rap)
Big pun: Endangered Species (usa rap)
Ayax: Albayzin 24/7 (spanish rap)
Nach: En la brevedad de los dias (spanish rap)
Methodman & Redman: Black out 1 & 2 (usa rap)
Violadores Del Verso + Kase O: Mierda (spanish rap)
VKR: Hasta la victoria (spanish rap)
Ayax: El grito del esclavo (spanish rap)
Prok: Sucio y bello (spanish rap)

My Influences / Fav Artists

I really don't know, rap of the 90's I guess.

My Music Sounds Like

At first I was just experimenting, but now Im trying to make instrumental rap. You can check in my tracks.

In My Other Life I ...

It is a loooong story.