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About Me

My real name is sam,but when I record music or wirte lyrics I do it as my alter ego "Mr.Misery" he is for me a way to say & think things I'd never get away with saying or thinking or even doing and its a great vent for anger,hostility,pain & at times love...but as Sam I live for my little boy,my girlfried,
my family & is
my main passion in life if
im not trying to make it im
listening to it,or collecting
it,researching it ect....

Instruments I play

Drums (I also record vocals for
most of my tracks but i really
can't sing & im not the best
lyrical writer as well!!!)

Software I Use


Hardware I Use

Laptop,digital drum machine,

Listening To Right Now

right now 10 tracks i am
into are (in no order):

1.plasmatics - "rock & roll"
2.marilyn manson - "devour"
3.lady gaga - "boys boys boys"
4.placebo - "this picture"
5.2pac - "5 deadly venoms"
6.ozzy osbourne "let me hear you scream"
7.beatles - "in my life"
8.NOISEttes - "sometimes"
9.megadeth - "peace sells"
10.gary numal - "metal"

10 Favourite Albums

well if i had to pick ten that
i can have for life this is them
i guess (my collection of cd's is
1500+ so this is hard!!!): sabbath - "master of reality"
2.marilyn manson - "holy wood"
3.wednesday 13 - "skelletons"
4.john lennon - "walls & bridges"
5.nine inch nails - "pretty hate machine"
6.2pac - stricty "for my n.i.g.g.a.z"
7.motley crue - "too fast for love"
8.rob zombie - "hellbilly deluxe"
9.plasmatics - "coupe de eate"
10.ozzy osbourne - "diary of a madman"
this is too short i could do another 30! lol

My Influences / Fav Artists

john lennon,ozzy osbourne
,2pac,marilyn manson,
lady gaga,motley crue,
beatles,the doors,t.rex,
metallica,snoop dogg,
michael jackson,placebo,
nine inch nails,blondie,
FDQ,rihanna,ice cube,
black sabbath,kate bush,
queen,ub40,megadeth,kim wilde
,adam ant,necro,venom,
motorhead,creedence clearwater revival,cream,blondie,
plasmatics,mgmt,gary numan,
ministry,,lily allen,la roux,
NOISEttes,jack off jill,ratt,
alice cooper,bob marley ect...ect...

My Music Sounds Like

"Junk-Box" it is a style I have
created to try & not limit my
style in any way.

In My Other Life I ...

paint & bodywork on cars
(spraying,body filling,
dent pulling,chip removal,
repairs ect...)