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  • From : Raceland, United States
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About Me

Young HUNGRY rapper with a love and passion for the aspect of wordplay in my music. From Southeast Louisiana im from a place where you must carry a firearm to walk alone at night, that environment bleeds through the music i craft.

Instruments I play

Software I Use

Any and all lol....

Hardware I Use

The whole shebang from interfaces to only a laptop and mic for hotel room hits.

Listening To Right Now

Not a huge fan of the direction rap is going musicians seem to be flashier then the music they make, which in turn can add a stupid layer of bullsh** to their music its self. I recommend any rapper who is versatile and methodical with WORDS.

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Growing up Tupac was my first incounter with "the goosebumps" you get when u hear truly outstanding music. Lyrically he came off as a storyteller, a ghetto reporter of sorts. Pac shined a light on things that where dark to a large part of society.

My Music Sounds Like

My music honestly sounds like mine. Period. Press play and judge for ones self.

In My Other Life I ...

Im honestly in between jobs and idle hand lead to selling certain illegal intoxicants. Lol i may sound highly educated but im just a musicianfrom the hood.