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About Me

Hey All, just came across this site looking for sum new ish to sample, and after hearing and reading my way around the site, found it was a great community so i decided to join!!! Keep Up The Good Work!!

Hahaha Im officially addicted to this site!!! LoL so i thought i'd post a lil more about me...

Hailing Originaly from Montreal Quebec, and now Residing in Vancouver B.C Canada
I am 23, a capricorn
Having Developed a love for music at an early age, I went on to pursue hip-hop emceein' and released my first demo/mixtape while attending high school, it was very low budget, lol, recorded anolog with condenser mics and countless white nights, lol... The final product was descent still, and went on to sell over 400 copies in the town i was living in, so it definatly was a good push to keep going....

After this i devoted myself more in learning about sound and the music industry, not long after that started composing beats to have original music to perform and record on...

I went on to attend the Columbia Academy of Sound Design and Recording Arts and proudly received my diploma at the highest of my class...

I then found myself leaning more towards production, and by then, already guetting better and better at making beats, decided to produce local Hip-Hop artists around Vancouver over some of my Instrumentals... Completed a few nice project, but the rest left me really exhausted and unsatisfied with the final product, plus having to deal with the he say/she say and super Ego of most artists, I then stopped working with other talent...

Havin been about a year now, all ive done is lock myself in my lab by myself whenever possible to try and create something I hope to be a little more me...

I feel its time to reach out again and perhaps even start working with a few artists again, so lookout LooperMan, lol....

Thank You for taking the time to read this, i hope you enjoy my music, and please leave some feedback and critisism, it is the main reason i upload my music, and lemme know if i should keep them comin!!!!

Instruments I play

I compose beats, but not too crazy on anything in particular, went to school for sound design so i know how to work with music,but i like to dabble with instruments :P

Software I Use

Im a big Reason Guru, do most beats on there, and trained on pro-tools for projects calling for some recordings....

Hardware I Use

24" iMac
14" Mac Book

Roland D2 GrooveBox/Axiom 49 Midi Controller/Condenser Mic (Audio Technica AT-2020) Via M-box to Reason/Pro-Tools,

Vestax PDX-2000 TurnTables, and a Techniques SL-DZ1200 CDJ Running through a Numark DXM06 FX Mixer

A couple Behringer Dynamic Mics For rehearsals,jams,or whatever,

All Running through a Mackie 16 track mixer,
To a pair of Yamaha HS80M Near Field Monitors, And a pair of Cerwins AT-10 For the big booming far fields...

i think thats about it,
Oh, plus I got that good ol' Alesis 8 Track Digital Audio Recorder, remember those?
You stick a VHS looking tape it it?? LOL, still got the snake too, so if the mood ever strikes, i can plug the 8 outs and 8 returns through my mackie to record in ANALOG!!!!

hahaha basically anything i can get my paws on...

Stilllll Bleeding my paychecks for that newmann.. :(

Listening To Right Now

To many to list

10 Favourite Albums

I love alllllllll music.....

lol, maybe except country.... no offense

My Influences / Fav Artists


My Music Sounds Like


In My Other Life I ...

Right Now I Just Make Beats, So Holla If U Like SomeThing You'd Wanna Buy To MC On!!!!