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About Me

I am Tony Almighty, but my real name is Carmine Rendina, if you wanna Know, I was born in Italy but I spent most of my life in Manchester, England. Now I am living in Italy from a little while, kind of peachy! I am a Software Designer and Developer, unfortunately having bad luck at it, kind of peachy! Ah?

Therefore, I see so many people around here, there and everywhere, so I might never be able to listen to all of them!

That's why exists the telephone text message:

Once there, well, then follow the indications!

Instruments I play

It's quite a while I can't play because the up and downs of the life, mostly downs!
However, despite I play since very young I am not the fanatic perfectionist that likes to spend all day on a GIG! When I play I start a GIG in a key, like improvisation or very close to that, and after the first few tunes I see if it Vibes, I carry on, without stopping the vibe, as improvisation indeed, The Gig, Phrase, Bridge, Solo and Ending, yet on that supposed Key and that's all, I won't play more than half an hour, when it happens!
By the way, the instruments I play are Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Drums, Keyboards and once Saxophone too!

Software I Use

All my music software is German, from the score writers to the Digital Studios!
Mostly I always used MAGIX Music Editor for almost anything, and MAGIX Music Score to write!

Hardware I Use

I cannot say, all I always used is a laptop computer and Flash Keys!
Often I record with my laptop Microphone, however several tracks had been recorded with USB Plug Cable, without even listening me in a amplifier!

Listening To Right Now

Despite my music work I have no time to listen Radio and CDs or else! I am a Software Designer and Developer, you know? However, I love once in a while play the Micheal Jackson, ACDC, Guns And Rose, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Prince CDs! And when I watch music video I love watching Kylie Minogue! However, time by time I've found on the Music Network like Youtube, Jamendo, SoundCloud, amazing new ways and sounds that I really loved and sticked with it!

10 Favourite Albums

My favorite Album are Blood on the Dance Floor of Micheal Jackson, Re-masters of the Led Zeppelin, Tutu of Miles Davis, M-People of M-People and many many others, way too many to say them all!
From Jazz to electronic Pop, from Heavy Metal to Funky Music!

My Influences / Fav Artists

My music influence are several, however mainly is the English Pop, Rock and Dance the kind of music i've been living all my life. So, it obviously included the American and Australian Pop, Rock and Dance with it! However when I was I kid I studied on music sheet some of the greatest Blues and Jazz Masters just because at those times and it means over 25 years ago that were still considered good teachings!

My Music Sounds Like

My music sounds like the music I've been listening all my life in England, which means English, American and Australian Pop, Rock and Dance Music.

In My Other Life I ...

Well, in my other life I was used to be a Comis Chef on week ends and a Warehouse Operative and Fork Lift Driver during the week!
That's what I did!
Then Freelance Software Designer and Developer!
That's what I am!
Now, unemployed in this, that and this one other also!
Kind of peachy!