• From : Pittsburgh, United States
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About Me

I'm Melody
I'd like to one day make it big, and change the world.
I love to dance.
it's one of my many career choices
i love writing songs, poems and someday books
i find i am beautiful with words
I'm multi talented.
I'm very loud and crazy.
I'm 19 but i look 12.
and i will be carded like no other!
i'm 1/8 brazilian!! and did nottt just find that out!
I'm a tiny girl w/ a big heart♥
I love going over the speed limit
I giggle and squeak alot,... it's actually pretty cute
i usually show up fashionably late
with an energy drink in one hand and car keys in the other
i talk all the time....
n' if i'm not talking im singing or making faces.
i've been told i'm one of the easiest people to talk
and get along with
infact i could probably have conversations with a mute!
i will make you a believer..
give me a day
i'll inspire you, i swear.
creeps and stalkers...are a complete turn OFF!thanks
i wear leggings always, no underwear, cigarette in it or hate it.
My friends are my heros.
i love photography
oh yes and partying...lots of it!
I'm pretty much nocternal..i'm up all night.
I have major trust issues.
I'm very funny and loveable.
you will love me.

Instruments I play

and trying to get better at making beats

Software I Use

MAGIX Music Maker Delux 11

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

Britney Spears: If You Seek Amy
Bodyrox feat. Lucinda- Yeah Yeah
Amanda Blank feat. Spank Rock- Grit City
Jefferee Star-Cupcakes Taste Like Violence
Emmure- When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong
Sufjan Stevens- To Be Alone With You
Between The Burried and Me-Colorblind
Salt The Wound- We'll Sleep Until Sunset
Lady Gaga- Just Dance and Poker Face
The Postal Service-Brand New Colony

10 Favourite Albums

too many to name
The Party Monster Soundtrack
Anything NSync
Britney's In the Zone, Circus and Blackout,

My Influences / Fav Artists

3OH!3, Benni Benassi, DJ Tiesto, Arman Van Buuren, Britney, Madonna, Genghis Tron, Dr.Acula, Paul Okenfeld,Oceanlab,Nylon Pink, Uffie, Amanda Blank,Kaskade,Lil Wayne,We Came With Broken Teeth, Suicide Silence, From First to Last,Amy Winehouse. GirlTalk

My Music Sounds Like

techno, drum and base, synthesiser, trance, electro, break beat, and a bit of GirlTalk

In My Other Life I ...

party, attain a high end social life, my RADIO SHOW! yay! DANCE ALOT, college, skateboaord, boyfriend stuff, films, music, make beats, act, model, culture, consume cafeinne, working out, talk, talk, camel 9 100's, driving my lincoln town car, starbucks is good, myspace, facebook.