• From : Dodge City, United States
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About Me

About me... Well, I guess I tend to be odd in some ways. For example, I tend to dislike certain kinds of music, but listen to them regularly anyway. Also, I like to make breakbeat and DnB stuff, but at the same time, I play ragtime on the piano and acoustic songs on the guitar. But then aside from that, I tend to listen to a lot of jazz. So I guess I'm an odd duck. The things I like are really random.

Instruments I play

I can play the guitar pretty well, and I'm in the process of learning the piano. I guess I'm good enough at this point that I'm technically able to say "I play the piano.", but I dunno.

Software I Use

FL Studio, Acid Pro... I think that's it.

Hardware I Use

Yamaha P85

Listening To Right Now

I actually had to look, because I'm not even sure what I listen to anymore. Here they are in no particular order, except that that I come across them in.

Hyperspace (Dubstep Mix) - By me
Buy You a Drank (DnB) - Also by me...
Blood Sugar - Pendulum
Mahou no Ryori ~Kimi Kara Kimi e~ - Bump of Chicken
Fushizen Na Girl (DJ Amaya Remix) - Perfume
The Spinach Rag - Tom Brier
Looping Around - Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan)
Personal - Broke DJs
What 'Bout My Star @ Formo - Nakajima Megumi and some other chick who's name I can't remember

10 Favourite Albums

Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album is Better than Your Live Album

Muse - Showbiz

Barenaked Ladies - Gordon

Pendulum - Hold Your Colour

The soundtrack to the Lewis and Clark documentary by Ken Burns

Macross Frontier Vocal Collection

Clubland 10 Disc 2

Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething

Swingfield Big Band Collection

Sherwood - A Different Light

My Influences / Fav Artists

Pendulum, Mt. Eden, DJ Amaya

My Music Sounds Like

Dubstep, DnB, Electro, Dance, Funk (sometimes), House, Trance

Generally, I always make at least a house mix and a dubstep mix, if nothing else.

In My Other Life I ...

I'm currently a student. When I'm not studenting, I'm either doing parkour or watching anime, or filming videos (film major) or listening to jazz and drinking coffee. Also, I'm working on writing a book, but I have chronic writer's block.