• From : Vancuver, United States
  • Joined : Wed 14th Dec 2016, 5 years ago

About Me

I love to listen to all types of music, taking notes and learning some skills form my homies that do a lot of music composing, one day ill get the skills to get good and join them on the music field. But until then my robin hood bitch ass got to sit in the back HA.

Instruments I play

Little bit of synth, i play the Drums. and keyborad but i dont own one.

Software I Use

FL studios

Hardware I Use

just my good old W,A,S,D

Listening To Right Now

Nujabes,Chinsaku,Toshiki Hayashi, Karamel kel, Josephs Jacobs, Toshiki Hayashi,Funky DL, Pace rock, Leila Wilson [Woofle],saib., aso.

10 Favourite Albums

Karamel Kel - Under and under, Nujabes - Luv(sic),

My Influences / Fav Artists

Nujabes,J Dilla,DOMINANT,Leila Wilson [Woofle],Tomppbeats,Kohi Kid,Kyo Itatchi, Karamel Kel, Josephs Jacobs,Chinsaku,Thenos,Tajima hal, Toshiki Hayashi, just to name a few.

My Music Sounds Like

more of a Jazzy Hip-hop, im just currently experimenting with different genres involving Hip-hop or chillHop, right now im doing tracks that involve diffenrt instrumnets, so for example im working with Organ samples ri-now my homie!

In My Other Life I ...

Just Chillin out with my homies usually. or bussy with work or school shit, nothing much.