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About Me

Nearly done with a second album with a local singer - all my songs - but I'm sick of the studio expense, esp. in this economy. So I'm experimenting to see what I can do on my own, all with free loops and free editing software, to scratch the itch to create but save the bucks. I have serious limitations as a music person - complete, overwhelming, and absolute - but oh well, I'm doing it anyway.

...Never finished that album, by the way. Ran out of money, moved to LA ... life goes on. And so does the music - somehow, some way.

Instruments I play

I don't play, I can't sing, I'm tone deaf, and I don't know anything. Still, I love to make music, so please forgive me.

Software I Use

Audacity, glue, spit, sweat

Hardware I Use

Scissors, hammer, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wirecutter, hammer

Listening To Right Now

Revisited Portishead recently - Machine Gun, killer. Saw Citizen Cope give an acoustic show in Montreal over Thanksgiving that was awesome. Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Santogold. Throw on some Billie Holliday and I'm happy. Crank it up with the old acid rock guys - Hendrix still amazes me, Joplin sang her heart out like no one before or since. Tull's Aqualung remains a masterpiece, as does Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Could go on and on. I like a lot of stuff. Hate a lot of stuff too, but I won't go there.

Aiiieee...time goes on. Looking at the above now many moons later, seems so trite. But I'll leave it. Life goes on. Saw My Bloody Valentine at Coachella this year. To end their set, they played 15-20 minutes of head-splitting noise; no beat, no nuance, no melody, just jet-engine, all-engulfing, brain-destroying, flame-throwing, earth-burning noise. I hated every second of it. Until afterwards, when I started to love it. The sheer ballsiness of it. The gigantic finger to the audience. Oh who am I kidding? I don't understand it - but I can't forget it, anymore than I can forget the hurricane I lived through in Florida....

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists


My Music Sounds Like

Various. Grew up listening to hard rock like Led Zep and Black Sabbath, but like lots of stuff. Dig the dubsteppers in London like Plastician and Burial. Really like Santigold. Crystal Castles. Tons of stuff. My daughter more or less keeps me in touch with the new junk.

In My Other Life I ...

Writer and goof-off.
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