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About Me

The first organized group was called "Funny Dunbells". The memberz were The Kimbles James, Andre, Carlos, Ingrid, and That man, known as their dad, James (junebug) Kimble Sr. (God Bless his soul forever) he played guitar to some Elvis tunes while they sang and recorded it just for fun.. the Funny Dumbells evolved into a new Era of "Nonsence Musiq."

Funny Dumbells (later changed to Funky Dundell) arose with andre on drums, James the oldest on guitar and Carlos the yougest of the boyz on keyboardz. Mack Wright second string Guitar, Stevie Byrd 3rd string lead, Earl Curry on bass guitar. The hit was " Make It Junkie" a remake of James Brown's "Make It Funky"."I remember carryin Instruments to back yard parties and different small venues" recalls Andre. Funky Dundell and the wicked style of James Kimble became twisted with the Funk and

"Aviator Funk" Took the Kimble Broz to a whole different level.. The music started to make sense.With Rick Williams on bass and Willis Stix on lead guitar. they were some of the badest guitar & bass players to have come along. the year was 1982. Rick Introduced the Kimble Broz to Mrs.Nadine who had raised a family of musicians, every one in the house knew how to play an instrument. Even the youngest girl played a flute. the Kimble brothers played with that family in front of a crowd at a Michigan Carnival.

Oscar and Debra, were their first Managers.They provided a place for the band to rehearse and attended shows and supported the band. " Lasonya (puffie) Parker was the first female artist in the band, and the mother of Andre Kimble two boyz... Andre Jr and Dav Lee. then a new member Ken Buck became part of the funk. Their first road manager was King Ratt. He was a sharp well dressed, smooth talkin , UGLY MOTHA SOMTHIN.. they then performed at "Triple 9 lounge" on Warren Ave on the eastside of Detroit michigan as James /Patrick Funkwave back when most of the members of the group were too young to drink alcohol. Ecorse lounge was one of their best crowd shows back then. Aviator Funk, Funky Dundell, James/Patrick Funkwave and the twisted funk mind of James Kimble and the Kimble Broz started to bloom with New memberz Ken Buck, Wilfred Fielding and Jerome Mobly, Andre learned quickly from his oldest sibling and began a journey of his own. the"MaxiMuM Band" MaxiMuM became a household name and blended perfect with James Ideaz. MaxiMuM Music was ruggit and mysteriuos, new member came Tyrone Matthews, and that was the birth of the Fincan Language design to confuse others or throw them off of what they were plottin. Created by Andre Kimble , Tyrone Matthews and James Kimble.

The Pump Boys arose from that era wearin blue Levis and a t-shirt. And can't for get the suitcase and pin stripe shoes. MaxiMuM recorded such songz as "MaxiMuM World", "MaxiMumM comin to get You". and many more. Darren Henderson and his brother Terry Henderson came on the scene and MaxiMuM became "sick" Makin songz like "$u*K my &(^# and Kiss my Azz" The Album "Fincan Egie" was born.

Tyrone went solo with his Label Tylin Records and recorded the single " Around the World" with His exwife Linda Cannady who was co-producer. Linda's two daughters and neice dubbed Girli Girl was one of the first and youngest female rap groups (all between the ages of 11 and 13) of that era The Kimble Broz were their studio band. the funk stayed with The Kimble Broz thru the 80'z. Even in the early 90'z when funk was so-called dead,they alwayz kept it alive with costumes and (funky habadasherie) attire, Wigz,makeup etc. they stayed Funky..they met Troy Heard a Keyboard player and singer, the Kimble Broz blend with Troy on many projectz, even though he wasn't really part of the group back then. Troy introduced the Kimble Bros to Charles(Chuck Holiday)Dillard a back up songwriter for Motown who went solo and was workin on his own project and needed background singers and musicians. The song was called "The Door is still Open".

B.O.M. (Brothers on a Mission) Rapp funk group with new memberz Tony Jackson, Vinson Allen, and Thomas(Tech 9) Smith who never got the chance to perform with the group, but created over 100 songz from "Monsters In the Closet" to "Boing".. a collaboration with James Kimble. Brothers on a Mission performed at such venues like the MasQurade lounge, and D.A.V Hall In Detroit performin songz like "Power Bind", and "Straight Ahead". A sample from Jimi Hendrix. Carlos Kimble the youngest of the Broz always stayed in the studio, and became the front runnin producer producing 85% of the music for the group. Thomas(Tech 9)Smith and James Kimble formed Rappadelic. Rap mix with Funk. Costumes and the whole get up. MaxiMuM rose to a whole new Level with the blend of Tony Jackson creative mind they soon recorded the album"Spiritual Evidence". in the early 90'z Rappadelic started peformin at venues. Entering contests and winning, and buildin the style of Rappadelic. Performin on stage

Rappadelic: The Kimble Broz, Troy Heard, Tony Jackson, Vinson Allen, Vernon Gordon, Symbolic, H. I. D, Brian Upshaw, Richard ( lil Nutty), Crystal Stokes, Momar Moore and the Moore family, Randy Bradley, Harry(Booshoe)Saunders, Troy(T-Maximum)Stubblefeild, Trina Torres, Authur(Fella Felle )George, Walter Kendrix, Monique Cannon, Antonio ( Cold Piece ) Parish, Lonnie(Knawlitch the King) Moore, Pistol P, Tauhid(Larockco Tee)Kelley, Lil Stevie, Lil Bone, Shorty Smooth Gibson, Chanette Young and The Next Genration of B.O.M. .During this era they joined forces with Piccollo Productions and begin doin shows every other week. " Gino Washignton T.V. shows on cable, " The Variety Show" ran by Sun Coast Entertainment and T.V Cheatham. Maximum Rappadelic was in full swing performing at such venues like Club Pinta, Ren-Cen Club, Light guard Armery, Ballduck Park, State Fair Grounds with Candy Productions. the Bell Ile Band Shell, Slammers lounge, C-Notes, Ice Productions, Top Secret Production, Channel One, Dairy Workers Hall, Seville Sound Warehouse, 346 Club,Grand Quaters, and many more. We also began workin with the likes of George Clinton Jr. Frogg Dogg and The Black Planet., Detroit Most Wanted, Awesome Dre, Smiley, Awol, Kaos and Mystro, Skizo from Flint Mich. and Irv Ski, another Funksta for life who added a lot of flavor to the group. Maximum Rappadelic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12fpc2gzv6Y

Instruments I play

keyboards, guitar, bass guitar,

Software I Use

acid 5.0, reasons propellerhead, fruity loops...

Hardware I Use

tascam digital portastudio 2488, m-audio keystation 49, dr.X digital effects processor,

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10 Favourite Albums

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james brown, sly stone, parliament/funkadelic, jimi hendrix

My Music Sounds Like

james brown, sly stone, parliament/funkadelic, outkast, digital underground,funkasaurus,osmosis, prince.....

In My Other Life I ...

truck driver