Sippin' Tea
  • From : Boise, United States
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About Me

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho. I'm 24 and started playing guitar and rapping at 17. Now, I like to make whack tracks on the daily.

Instruments I play

I play an Ibanez RG guitar coupled with a vintage 69' Fender Twin. I also jam on an acoustic Art and Luthurie. Main pedals I use are Visual Sound Jekyl and Hyde, Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah, Boss DD20 Delay, Boss Metal Zone and a Boss Phaser.

Software I Use

I use Native Instruments Komplete 5 with Kore 2 . I mainly just make my midi instrument tracks in GarageBand on my Mac. But to record real instruments, I use ProTools.

Hardware I Use

I have a Mac Pro Also, I use M-Audio Firewire interface with M-Audio BX8a monitors. Two Samsung 20" LCD displays. Sennheiser Dynamic microphone and Sennheiser headphones.

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

Obviously, all the Hendrix stuff. Eminem's first two, Wu Tang Clan Forever,Beatles

My Influences / Fav Artists

My Music Sounds Like

Shit, lol.

In My Other Life I ...