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  • From : Wanaka, New Zealand
  • Joined : Sat 7th Nov 2015, 5 years ago

About Me

I am a 17 year old DJ living in New Zealand. I have released 4 EP's and I am currently working on a Remix EP for 'Unleashed' that'll have a few originals in it (People looking to do the remixes hmu)

Instruments I play

I can kinda play Keyboard now...not very well but I mean not really

Software I Use

Ableton Live Suite, Serum, Massive, APPLE DEFAULTS 10/10

Hardware I Use

Novation Launchpad S, LaunchControl, LaunchControl XL, LAPTOP

Listening To Right Now

Currently Skrillex, Boombox Cartel, NAZAAR, Lit Lords, TERRA BLVCK, Cherney, Kayzo, HXDE$ and Myself because VIEWS

Highly recommend me (totally no bias)

10 Favourite Albums

Unleashed (Mine), Recess, The Meaning, aaaaaaaand idk

My Influences / Fav Artists

Skrillex was my main influence to become a Dj, but he didn't influence my style. Lit Lords are the influences of my style. They take Hard Trap to a whole new level in my opinion.

My Music Sounds Like

My music sounds like someone screaming in your ears but in a good way that has SUB and WUB and doesn't hurt as much as you'd think (Hard Trap 101)

In My Other Life I ...

I used to work but then I had DJ School so currently doing that and making some mean beats 24/7