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  • From : Detroit, United States
  • Joined : Tue 16th Jun 2015, 3 years ago

About Me

Cornell Graduate, College for Creative Studies graduate, built first synth in 10th grade. Been into every single type of music ever since albeit I still have a bit of trouble with country, etc. but I'm VERY GOOD at what I DO, with creating music and videos.

Instruments I play

Keyboard( Mostly midi controllers and PUSH) plus guitar and vocals...ergo my voice etc plus man made next GAS is the aquisition of a MOOG 15 3 part modular..

Software I Use

VSTS - main are OMINISPHERE, AIR MUSIC TECH entire suite, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, Maschine, Massive, Absynth, FM8, PLUS REAKTOR 9 with POLYPLEX, and all new additional synths and sequencers. I have so many JUST ASK ANYTHING FROM A-z, about 20L worth of AUDIO, plus PROPELLERHEAD REASON and ABLETON 9 LIVE

Hardware I Use

MOOG 32 eurorack, which has caused me NOTHING BUT G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) OLDER KORG, two acoustics guitars I modified with barcusbarry pic I can run through ANY VST etc. especially Guitar Rig by NI, Keyboards. BY M-AUDIO, 6 different Midi controllers, NOVATION KEYSTATION 49 PLUS, ABLEtON PUSH, Arturia MICROBRUTE, BEATSTEP and so much more!

Listening To Right Now

Right now between RUBICON by TD and Midnight Muraders by TCQ, and The FUGEES and Mozart plus Tomita AD INFITUM, also way into 90s HIP HOP right now and extreme DEATH metal like amon Amoth, Suicide Silence, yet I've also been listening to a TON Of WAR...from AL DAY MUSIC albums...etc. LOVE EVERYTHING an try to incorporate those unique sounds/styles in my ORIGINAL music. You can see my music videos on FB or on SOUNDCLOUD..I need to upload about 20 new LICKS.
For Serious Electronic Musicians, I would start if you're lucky enough to find are the TRUE MIT BEEP project, USACHEVSKY, and of course Egar Froese, RIP, Kieth Emerson R.IP..Krafwerk, Trent Reznor and his MASSIVE BULCHA set up...anything from the BERLINE schoo on's literally hard to say BUT a GREAT place to start would be Tangerine Dream YES, ELP, and of course Robert Fripp and company...etc.

10 Favourite Albums

TOO MANY TO LIST. BUT I CAN TELL YOU that with ny interests that we've WAY more in common than we do apart…I love Stephan Grapelli, superb violinist from HOT CLUB of FRANCE jazz days to Tangerine Dream TO Wu Tang, and love ASAP MOB where TY BEATZ took WAR song "WORLD IS GHETTO" and broke it down for the BODY..incredible sound and work.

1. RUBICON - Tangerine Dream
2. ELP - Trilogy
3. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
4. Return to Forever - ANY
5. The Walton's - Like My Traktor?
6. War - All Day Music
5. ASAP MOB - ASAP Forever
6. Notorious BIG - ANY
7. Korn - ANY
8. Berlin School Electronic Music sampler
9. Windham Hill Sampler
10. TD - soundtrack from both THE KEEP/and forgot film but LOVE ON A REAL TRAIN..and about 100000 more

My Influences / Fav Artists

Tangerine Dream, Yes, Genesis, Tribe Called Quest, WU TANG CLAN, De La Soul, NWA, Bone Thugz, and just about everything else. from CLassic to DEATH METAL TO OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP, Trap Soul, Soul, R/B etc. although I think some if not MOST new SH&T is empty calaroeis.

My Music Sounds Like

An eclectic mis of hip hop, spacey electronic ambient or both. I also love extreme metal and classical music, JAZZ, jazz/rock fusion like RETURN TO FOREVER, just too much to list! YO.

In My Other Life I ...

I am a Registered Behavior Therapist working with kiddos in the Autism Spectrum and others with co-morbidities, MH Personality Disorders, etc I love my work, it's both HORRIFIC certain days and then is so rewarding it's indescribable!!! I graduated from Cornell for this in Human Services and will be getting my Masters soon in Vernal Mental Health and Addiction Counseling.