Its time we talk about it
  • From : Tombstone, United States
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About Me

So many questions. So little time.

In over the course of over two decades, I had been asked so many questions by the people who discovered that I was a mortician. I thought that the answers were obvious, but I was wrong for assuming that. And so I answered their questions, and when I was finish, the people always went on their way. Sometimes they were content, sometimes they were not, mainly because I always told them the truth. For morticians, thats a rare thing to do.

Through my travels of the guarded backrooms and scuffed linoleum floors, I have met other morticians who experienced that same thing. And they spoke the truth as well.

I decided to pull together this chaotic group to form MORTradio, not only because we have something to say, but also because we like to talk. And it isnt always about the dead.

You all got a free E-Ticket, so you might as well come along for the ride.

Yeah, its time that we talk about it.

Instruments I play

Banjo (a Gibson Mastertone).

Software I Use

Only use Music Maker 2015 and Soundation. I'm pretty archaic here.

Hardware I Use

Shure 55 microphones and Behringer 1222 mixer is pretty much all I have regarding hardware

Listening To Right Now

Well, I'm a 70's sugary-pop kind of guy, sometimes if I am typing, I will listen to my collection of 70's sickly sweetness.

Undercover Angel, I Think I Love You, Cat in the Cradle, Southern Nights, Afternoon Delights, etc.

10 Favourite Albums

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Stay Sick, Songs the Lord Taught Us

My Influences / Fav Artists

John Waters, Lux Interior (and The Cramps), The Beatles, Earl Scruggs, Hunter S. Thompson, Herb Spivey, Pat Welsh, Harry Houdini, George "Baby Face" Nelson, Faye Dunaway, Gerry Spence, and a couple of people.

My Music Sounds Like

Cinematic and Rock, with Bluegrass as well (but that's a private thing). I would compare myself to anyone because I wouldn't insult anyone like that.

In My Other Life I ...

I have embalmed enough people to fill a small city.