laughing at the dead
  • From : Anywhere and Everywhere,, Papua New Guinea
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About Me

total beginner in the art of sound mind and booty manipulation...i'm using acid pro 6.0 and some other various doohickeys..and i think unlicensed sampling is fuckin' great :)

Instruments I play

the stereo :)

Software I Use

Acid Pro 6.0

Hardware I Use

CD's I found hidden deep within the bowels of my mom's smelly, rank, hairy, dingleberry encrusted ass.

Listening To Right Now

the joyous, erotic, and exotic sounds of my pet kitty cat masturbating.

10 Favourite Albums

anything German: basically anything that might want to make one even slightly curious about mixing sex and doody.

Photo albums of skinny dying folks at concentration camps??? Sure...why not.

My Influences / Fav Artists

My mom when she passes gas. Music to my motherfuckin' ears indeeeeeeeed.

My Music Sounds Like

God's father ass-raping the Godfather.

In My Other Life I ...

smoke crack, worship Satan, and kill people.