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About Me

My Name is Jens Egert from Germany, Musician since age of 13. I am a music teacher for guitar, Sitar, Sarod, songwriter, composer. Started with Skiffle music, played Guitar and Banjo in the Railway Skiffle Group. Got interest in Jazz + Indian classical music I studied in India. Play in a Duo with Guitar + Violin mostly with own compostions.
Fusion between western + Indian music + World Music. Published different Media on self produced CD, digital distribution with multicultural Instruments, several videos on youtube,
Website in German:
Purchase My music: Jens Egert in iTunes, Amazone, Google play, Album: Echoes of the Heart, Soul of Strings, Eternal Circles and new Info of my loops on youtube:
Part 2 of my loop collection with Guitar, Oriental + Brass:

Instruments I play

Guitar, Sarod, Sitar, Dilruba, Tabla, Flute, Cora Harp, Koto, Harmonium, Keyboard, Mouthharp, Kazoo, Vocal, Djembe, Talking Drum, Overtone Singing,

Software I Use

MuseScore 2, Wave Pad Sound Editor, Format Factury,
rarely Fl Studio

Hardware I Use

ALESIS Video track, Tascam Recorder DR-100

Listening To Right Now

All kind of inspiring sounds. RAVI SHANKAR, J.S. Bach, ALI AKBAR KHAN, Art of Improvisation like Gabriela Montero, Piano artist from Venecuela, Tibetan Monks, Xmi Mongolic Music, Django Reinhard, Jordi Savall, but also Bollywood music, Wael Kfoury, Arvo Paert, Baden Powel, Avishai Cohen

10 Favourite Albums

Christina Pluhar "Mediteraneo". Gabriela Montero "Beyond Bach", Wael Kfoury, Singer from Lebanon, Shakti, TARUNA, BLISS, Avishai Cohen

My Influences / Fav Artists

Blues, Skiffle, Jazz, Western Classical Music, Indian Classical Music, Devotional Bhajans, Overtone Singing, Balinese Music. Minimal Music, East Western Fusion. Different music traditions around the world. music which is able to touch my heart and emotions.

My Music Sounds Like

not to put into categories. Sometimes what I heard in dreams or when travelling to many Asian Countries....
you get a glimpse of it on soundcloud:

In My Other Life I ...

would continue making Music to make people happy and bring peace to all the worlds... and not stop learning...