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  • From : Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Wed 27th Feb 2008, 13 years ago

About Me

I've been really into music for quite some time now. I used to play the clarinet (grade 5) and then saxaphone for a short time, but they weren't really my calling. After being deeply moved by so many artists who have genuinely made me happier from their music, i decided that since i was going to take up music in some form again, i'd like to try and make complete tracks to make others happy. Obviously if i'm successful and make loads of money in the future then thats a bonus, but its not the reason i'm doing it. The community looks pretty good on here so i thought i'd join to meet other people with the same kind of goals as me (also its nice to review others tracks and get mine reviewed, and get advice).
Finished uni a couple of months ago so i've been hitting fruity loops a lot more

Instruments I play

Used to play clarinet and sax, could pick them up again quite fast if i started again but as it stands at the moment, all my energy is going towards electronic music.

Software I Use

Fruity loops 8, going to learn reason soon

Hardware I Use

CME UF60 midi controller and my pc. Just bought a Korg EA-1 but haven't made anything with it yet.

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

Probably (not in any order).....

Within Temptation - The Silent Force
Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Amethystium - Aphelion
Balligomingo - Beneath the Surface
Sleepthief - Dawnseeker
Marco Torrance - World of Zilence
Opium of the Masses - The Lost Planet
Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
X-Perience - Lost in Paradise

My Influences / Fav Artists

Rank 1 - It's up to you
Banco de Gaia - Still life
Within temptation - loads of their tracks
Dreamtech - Venus
Alt F4 - Alt F4
Leaves' Eyes - A few of theirs
Opium of the Masses - The Lost Planet (the whole album is pretty damn good)
Faithless - Crazy English Summer
Infected Mushroom - Ratio Schmatio
And MANY MANY more, too many favourites to list (i've got quite a collection) :p

You can see some of my other influences on my myspace page ( if you're interested.

My Music Sounds Like

Err, various things. My track light and dark has a pretty distinct sound i think. My newest track (The Scales of Antares) probably sounds a little bit like infected mushroom, dreamtech, cape town (off the top of my head) and loads of other artists, got a lot of influences for that one. The other ones in progress i'm not sure, i'll have to get some of you guys to tell me once i upload them.

In My Other Life I ...