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  • From : Alachua, United States
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About Me

I've been diddling around in FLS for nearly 10 years now, but I haven't been too serious about my work until recently. I just make music to express my emotion, I do not follow trends nor care to set them, I just do what I do and enjoy doing so!

I grew up listening to pop and country, however, i came across Sandstorm [really, who hasn't?] and DJ Sammy's remix of Heaven. That didn't get me hooked, techno and trance were still not glued into my vocab and coursing through my veins. It wasn't until the likes of Rank 1's Airwave hit my ears, followed by Tiesto and BT taking my mind on a transfixing journey that i fell in love with electronic music.

Newer tracks are being exported this week [my newer sounds]

Instruments I play

Piano, learning the guitar.

Software I Use

FLStudio 10

Favorite VST would have to be Nexus 2

Hardware I Use

I havent used any in a long time and its hurting :(

Listening To Right Now

Literally right now And Then There Were None. I listen to a mix of music, even country [rarely rap or hip hop]. I am all over the board with my music selection.

10 Favourite Albums

L.E.F., Rare & Remixed: BT's Greatest Hits, These Hopeful Machines, Elements of Life, Play Harder, PURE TRANCE 1-10, Hell Is What You Make It, Who Speaks For Planet Earth, Limelight cds, LOL, Play Hard, Play Harder, Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits, just to name a few off the top of my head....

My Influences / Fav Artists

Everyday life, BT, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Airwave, ATB, And Then There Were None, Krewella, Breathe Carolina, Breaking Benjamin, Robet Miles, Vincent De Moore, Basshunter, Headhunterz, Eminem, Blackmill and some of Skrillex, thoughts of space/nature to to name a few.

EDM has taken a plummet these days with everyone sampling everyone and doing the same thing over and over, get drunk, dont worry bout tomorrow ect ect.... I steer back towards the glory days of Trance and Electronic music where it was a PASSION not a quick tick to fame....

My Music Sounds Like

Its really hard to catagorize my music simply because of how i jump from genre to genre and mix them as well. A lot of my best tracks are influenced by BT, Tiesto, Basshunter, And Then There Were None, Breath Carolina, ATB, Rank 1

In My Other Life I ...

I am a graphic designer and if im not working on clients work or music, im usually playing ice hockey, i play goalie. I can be found around town singing at various karaoke places.