• From : Nottingham, United Kingdom
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About Me

Formally matthew8755, I made that account 3-4 years ago and I didn't have a name back then. This isn't really my producer name it's just a alias I go by a lot now. Not really into the producer name things :P plus this is a lot easier to remember.

I realize music isn't spelt with a 'k' and now it's a little cliche but it felt cool when I did it ;).

I don't change my name a lot but I felt that I needed to change because people kept putting produced by matthew8755 and that didn't feel right ha.

Currently doing a degree in music technology, working in studios etc. so learning the ropes on the mix/master biz...

Anyway contact me for collabs, I'm always happy to do them. Love working with people.

Also check out my electronic band/group/thing with my friend (can a band be two people?!)

You won't regret it ;)

Instruments I play

I play piano. I'd say I'm amatuerish but I think I play to a fairly high grade, I'm just a little critical :/

Software I Use

Cubase with Reason Rewire (and a bunch of beautiful instument plugins!)
On occasion working w/ pro-tools and logic.

Hardware I Use

Now a NEW LAPTOP :D which is okay for what I do (Win8 w/ like 6gb of RAM) so for music producing it handles fairly well (unless I go onto something like Massive which eats RAM like nothing)...
Yamaha PSR-E323 I use as a MIDI keyboard.
Cheap Tascam audio interface
a pair of Rokit 5's

Listening To Right Now

As my influences suggest, everything...

10 Favourite Albums

Again, everything.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Every genre I get inspiration from. I love classical music (moreso classical piano) and new age, as well as I love rap and hip hop (Becoming a big hip-hop head now), rnb, soul, punk, rock, indie, doo-wop, a bit of grime, dubstep, electronic etc. This isn't including most sub-genres as well...

I get a lot of influence and inspiration off looperman though!

My Music Sounds Like

As unique as possible. Just trying to find my sound. I love music that is easy on the ear, harmonies and melody are a big part of my production. Also I love to try and create interesting rhythms and chord progressions.

In My Other Life I ...