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Description : Put an Zay/Pierre 808 on it and you're set!

Description : A guitar with reverb on it

Description : Some crazy 808s that slide and pan as well.

Description : Drum Loop with 808

Description : 808: C#, C#, D

I couldn't find a good melody for this.
If used, please put link in comments

Description : Just a simple drum loop with a kick. If used, please comment

Description : Just a simple drum loop

Description : First chord is C Minor. I don't remember the rest, but use Edison to find out the notes.
C# is in the second chord

Description : Same drum loop as the one posted with 808

Share with me what you make of this!

Description : Share with me what you could do with it!
808 Notes:
1st bar:
F#, with slide to B - F# (2 more times) - A - F with slide to C#
2nd bar:
F# (hits 3 times) - A - F slide to C# - A

Description : Fits with "String Chords," "Organ Melody," and "Ambient-Pad"

Description : Fits with "String Chords" and "Ambient-Pad"

Description : Fits with "String Chords" Loop posted

Description : Just some simple string chords:
1st chord: C, D#, G
2nd chord: C#, D#, G#

Description : These sounds are from Sakura

Description : Fits with piano chords below

Description : Chords are:
1st: G#, C, F
2nd: A#, C#, F#
3rd: F#, A#, D#
4th: G#, C, F

Description : Happy New Year to everyone!

IF you used it--please share with me!

Description : -Includes 808 (in either C or D)
-Simple Clap (placed on 3rd of each measure)
-Closed Hat (singled out on second measure)
-Open Hat (placed on 2nd of each measure)

Show me what you guys can do with these drums!

Description : This is a really simple brass loop; feel free to use this and add other melodies on top of it.

Comment! I want to see how you used this loop!

Key: C#

Loops 1 - 20 of 20