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Description : not really sure what genre but its a cool bell

Description : Cool bell

Description : Best try at recording a guitar melody :/

Description : Bells from nexus

Description : Bells from nexus

Description : Made with Nexus Piano

Description : Made with nexus arp bell

Description : Vince Staples bass made with nexus

Description : This is one instrument. Made with nexus

Description : Pretty groovy

Description : Synth

Description : WAKE UP ITS 2018!

Description : Chance the Rapper maybe

Description : Xylophone preset from Nexus. Could be used for EDM, Hiphop, or whatever

Description : Simple piano melody

Description : Bell sound from nexus

Description : Add counter melody on top, BAM banger in minuets

Description : Boop Boop

Description : Kinda cool arp

Description : Pluck pluck duck pluck pluck pluck duck pluck pluck. Made with Nexus

Description : Keys thrown down on the midi

Description : I made this in class!

Description : meh sounds good enough

Description : leave links if ur cool.

Description : Could be used for hip-hop too.

Loops 1 - 25 of 37
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