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morpheusd 21st Jun 2013 21:02 -  10 years ago

on In All Your Glory by BunnieRabbit
WOW!!! One of the best Tracks I´ve ever heard here on Looperman. You should share this on every possible way (Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud...)
Incredible Song!!!
BunnieRabbit replied 24th Jun 2013 - 10 years ago
We are working on it! It's now out on beatport and soon to be on iTunes.. big things in the works :)
Thank you for listening and your encouraging words!

morpheusd 13th Jun 2013 22:29 -  10 years ago

on Early Morning - Ft MorpheusD by Yamiuchi
Wow, it's like a best of :)
Cool arrangement and nice drums!!

Thx for sharing
morpheusd 3rd Jun 2013 22:31 -  10 years ago

on MorpheusD by Yamiuchi
Thx for sharing your song with us :)
It´s an honor that you like my loops and use it in your song.

I really like your drums :) Great work
For my taste the transitions of the songparts are a little too hard (but that's my personal taste)

greetings Morpheusd
Yamiuchi replied 13th Jun 2013 - 10 years ago
Yeeeee Thanks for the comments MorpheusD, glad you like the track, look forward to using more of your loops soon :-)
morpheusd 21st Apr 2013 18:56 -  11 years ago

on Sandy Hook Memorial by bmarty24
Wow I´m speechless
The Vocal Version with Patricia Edwards is realy good...
But this Version blow me away.

Pure Emotion!!
Thx for sharing
morpheusd 14th Apr 2013 22:59 -  11 years ago

on I dont know-NOA-cover by janis71
Wow!! A wonderful and emotional song

Thx for sharing
janis71 replied 21st Apr 2013 - 11 years ago
I'm very honoured by your visit . I'm so grateful to you for these beautiful loops you offered me and would love to sing sthg for you whenever you wish .
Thx so much for your appreciation, Morpheus !
morpheusd 14th Apr 2013 22:55 -  11 years ago

on Shift Mode - DfUNkT Original Edit by DfUNkT
really cool Track!!
Thx for sharing
DfUNkT replied 15th Apr 2013 - 11 years ago
Cheers, I will put new stuff up as and when. In the meantime, check my soundcloud. Thanks!
morpheusd 15th Nov 2012 19:33 -  11 years ago

on Lover dose by janis71
WOW! I´m speechless!!
I don´t speak french, but your vocals complete the samples!
You create an awesome song!

janis71 replied 16th Nov 2012 - 11 years ago
Hello Morpheusd, Im' very touched you came and left a comment ... I really mean it when I say I loved working with your mervellous loops . This song is yours too, as a tribute to the wonderful presents you offered me here .
Thx again,
morpheusd 30th Sep 2012 12:48 -  11 years ago

on Find Your Way Back Home by Christopherjoel135
a really nice song!
You should upload some of your vocals.
You have an awesome voice!!
Christopherjoel135 replied 8th Oct 2012 - 11 years ago
Thank you! Great idea, not sure what I would upload...I could sing "Chicken"..haha Thank you for listening tho. :0)
morpheusd 30th Sep 2012 12:43 -  11 years ago

on Speechless - feat RaRCharm by AggroCultureMusic
WOW you build a amazing track with these vocals.
realy great job!!
AggroCultureMusic replied 30th Sep 2012 - 11 years ago
Hey Morpheusd
Thanks a lot for listening and your positive feedback. It really means a lot to me - Drives me on to my next project :D

Best Regards
morpheusd 22nd Sep 2012 19:03 -  11 years ago

on Remember by Proxy
only 2 words!

absolutely beautiful
Proxy replied 22nd Sep 2012 - 11 years ago
Thank you for listening and commenting.

gr proxy
morpheusd 21st Sep 2012 22:10 -  11 years ago

on Just Another Subject by Dubstep2011
absolutly amazing...
incredible voice and a perfect arrangement
morpheusd 13th Sep 2012 22:37 -  11 years ago

on Welcome on Earth - The Beginning by Blackout
What a fantastic Intro! Great Job :)