Chilled to the Core
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  1. EkKotheAmatuer
    EkKotheAmatuer on Wed 26th Jun 2013 - 10 years ago
    Commented on never lock by kristijann

    I don't know why I've never stopped to say this before, but everything you do is fantastic. I love all your beats and all your loops. Keep it up, man!

    Reply by kristijann

    tnx bro

  2. EkKotheAmatuer
    EkKotheAmatuer on Sat 15th Jun 2013 - 10 years ago
    Commented on TurnT Up THE LOOPERMAN PROJECT by CuzzinCoo

    This is crazy! It's crazy to think that there are rappers as good as yall out there and nobody knows about them. I guess it's just all part of the struggle, haha. Anyways, sick track!

    Reply by CuzzinCoo

    Ain't that a bitch! Lol ;)

  3. EkKotheAmatuer
    EkKotheAmatuer on Mon 27th May 2013 - 10 years ago
    Commented on Sunset To Sunrise by brillbilly

    I love the progressive into on this track. It gives a perfect cinematic image of the sunset in my head, with the soothing choir and majestic pad. This track totally blew me away, everything about it is fantastic. Keep it up man, big ups from New York.

    Reply by brillbilly

    Aaawwww bless ya!

    High five!...nice to know ya could just hang out with this!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments.!

    Life love n unity to you and ya loved ones!

Comments (3)