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CallMeKing 22nd Feb 2019 06:03 - 5 years ago

on Zillkami x Sosmula Type Beat by Quario
You really need to work on equalization and compression. The bass and kick is so distorted that it just ruins the entire song. Blasting the volume doesn't mean a better performance
Quario replied 22nd Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
I understand lol, this beat old af. I made this during the summer 2017 lol. I've gotten way better than this I promise lmao. Thanks for the feedback ;)
CallMeKing 24th Dec 2017 16:38 - 6 years ago

on NBA YoungBoy Pour One Type Beat by Wolvi
Just so boring man. The same drop twice and the same sounds...
Wolvi replied 24th Dec 2017 - 6 years ago
what makes Rockstar for example so special(the instrumental)? repeats again and again just because the song has 2 good artists makes that good... Thats a hip hop beat not rnb, let the artist do his work on the beat bruh
CallMeKing 22nd Jan 2017 07:18 - 7 years ago

on NEVER STOP DREAMING - Cinematic Soundtrack by Alabafruit
What an amazing track. I really enjoyed listening to it. I love orchestra type music and this is really good. I just wish it was louder and had more range. It could be so much better with some bass and higher equalization. Great song
Alabafruit replied 22nd Jan 2017 - 7 years ago
I really know what you mean. I feel the same about the Track but Im really Bad at mixing , EQ´s , more bass and so on. I hope someone mix this Track to make it better. I think I will write a new description and ask if someone will mix this track. Better a start a new thread and find some poeple that interested mixing this Track.

Really big Thanks for your feedback man! It helps me a lot for future projects!

Thanks, Alabafruit
CallMeKing 22nd Jan 2017 07:02 - 7 years ago

on Preach by tekreck
The vocals need to be a lot lower. Trap is what's hot right now and this is too far from it. Higher melody, lower percussion, and mixed vocals with breaks
CallMeKing 10th May 2012 00:11 - 12 years ago

on Dont give up- free drum and bass download by DeathByNumbers
Hey DeathByNumbers. I'm loving the sound of this track. It's very unique and it definitely keeps you wanting to listen to it till the very end. Only criticism I would have is to have more breaks like the one around 1:30 (I couldn't see the time because of the music player on looperman). Also maybe differentiate the sound more between the breaks and the hook part, maybe remove the bass on the breaks. That way when the hook comes in, it really is just like BAM! Anyways, I'm definitely downloading this one and going to listen to more of your tracks. Good job on this one, keep it up.

CallMeKing 9th May 2012 23:59 - 12 years ago

on Shots by Tonyvolpe90
Hey Tonyvolpe90. I loved this track all the way to the end. And I could imagine you having fun with this track. Especially since its with LMFAO who does more laid back and fun tracks. I think it definitely fits his style and I would like to hear what the lyrics sound over this beat. Good job man!

CallMeKing 9th May 2012 23:55 - 12 years ago

on Tell Me by CrazyClavinist
Hey CrazyClavinist. I'm liking your sound and the atmosphere of this beat. Theres only a couple things I would change; one being the guy in the background saying ''Yo'' over and over again. It just doesnt fit with the atmosphere of the beat, it's more for a rap beat not a beat with violins and trumpets. Next, would be the solo with the trumpets+choir+drums part, instead of the trumpets replace them with the violins. Last would be raise the volume of the violins since it sounds like there the main sound of this beat and lower the trumpets a bit due to there really to just emphasize the violins. Anyways, its still a great sounding track.

CrazyClavinist replied 10th May 2012 - 12 years ago
thanks note taken, I think your totally right about the guy in the back!
CallMeKing 9th May 2012 23:18 - 12 years ago

on Dubstep Style Groundsman ft Richie Sykes by Groundsman
Hey Groundsman. First time I'm hearing one of your tracks and I'm quite impressed. I really enjoyed the beginning of your track, with the deep bass line and sick pad/synth in the background. But honestly, I would remove the lyrics and keep it as a beat. It just seems like the lyrics don't do anything special to enhance the beat. Also, try and do a drop then transition into the dubstep parts. Anyways, all-in-all it was a great track to listen to and I'll definitely check out your other tracks.

Groundsman replied 17th May 2012 - 12 years ago
Thanks for a comment CMK, i just start my adventure with music production, so this track is after 2 weeks work with ableton, there is so many things to lern but i know that i'll handle that ;)
CallMeKing 9th Mar 2011 10:08 - 13 years ago

on thats what im packin by vargiz
Very nice beat Vargis! The voice in the background sounds like Project pat aha. Loved the beat from the beginning to end. Keep doing what your doing.
CallMeKing 23rd Sep 2009 07:10 - 14 years ago

on Dangerous Group by Client9
Good job on the mean. It sounds very crunk. The synth does get a little repetitive but the drums add a good effect, All around good beat man.
CallMeKing 19th Sep 2009 22:28 - 14 years ago

on Just How I Roll Freestyle by Relgion
This is just my opinion but i found the beat way more hot then the lyrics. Maybe work on your flow a bit. But overall great track.
CallMeKing 19th Sep 2009 22:16 - 14 years ago

on Ain't Seen My Homie (Sireone Remix) by Sireone
This track is straight fire man! The only thing i can really say is maybe raise the vocals a bit also maybe the overall volume of the song. Ima make sure i check out your tracks from now on.

CallMeKing 19th Sep 2009 02:15 - 14 years ago

on show time instrumental by pharo706
yep this track fire. the beat flows nicely and I could see someone rappin over this for sure.
CallMeKing 4th Sep 2009 20:51 - 14 years ago

on Mountain by TerriosOne
Very nice! loving that synth and drums. Could you load up a instrumental?

CallMeKing 4th Sep 2009 06:13 - 14 years ago

on Attack of the Summer by Mattjohnson
I must say your two synth loops are very impressive. And so is this beat. But it could be leveled more, lower the synth a bit and up drums.
CallMeKing 4th Sep 2009 06:10 - 14 years ago

on mad world by freakwincy
Perfect beat. Easily one of the best beats I have ever heard. It's so relaxing but sick bass and up beat drums. A for sure download.
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