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loveinswitch 19th Mar 2023 21:59 -  1 year ago

on ZCHECK by DrCoolest
DrCoolest replied 7th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago
wow...thanx for the great encouragement
priest39 12th Feb 2018 16:05 -  6 years ago

on Gotta see you again by DrCoolest
good song, great lyrics, i would do a little more panning and compression on vocals (hook) a lil reverb and eq highs on the vocals to get that standout sound, but other then that, it's a great track. nice work.
DrCoolest replied 13th Feb 2018 - 6 years ago
Thanx priest39...your suggestion is right on target and I will tweak this song just as you say,...It's exactly what this one needs.Very pleased you liked the lyrics.
Thanx again for your constructive input. ...Doc
mathisbeineiq 4th Sep 2017 17:21 -  6 years ago

on Pacific Blues by DrCoolest
trop beau cette musique, Mathis de Switzerland
DrCoolest replied 9th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago
votre commentaire déplacé nos coeurs...vous remercient...Doc
Alayan10 20th Jul 2017 10:43 -  6 years ago

on Court OF Love by DrCoolest
Very great job !!
Indeed, very nice acoustic guitar :o
But not really orchestral like music ;)
DrCoolest replied 29th Jul 2017 - 6 years ago
Alayan 10,thanx so much for the wonderful comment...I think you are likely right about it not really being is always a challenge to find that exact genre,at least for me anyways, always open to suggestions... still glad you found me and enjoyed this one.....Doc
crucethus 23rd Jun 2017 14:26 -  6 years ago

on The Party At The Pond by DrCoolest
DrCoolest replied 24th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago
Wow, always grateful to get such a wonderful comment from a pro...thanx Crucethus
Danke 31st May 2017 14:54 -  6 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
what a guitar play and tone here but all of the others are too weak under your? play...or maybe less is more donno but there is huge potential with another producing work...

handshake, Danke
DrCoolest replied 2nd Jun 2017 - 6 years ago
thanks Danke,all input is so appreciated.This tune did not receive the attention i would like to have given it.Probly got sidetracked with another tune..oh well i just move on.
silverman 19th May 2017 16:52 -  7 years ago

on U Radio Flyer by DrCoolest
Half way through and loving it!
I'm back at a festival 1969.
DrCoolest replied 20th May 2017 - 7 years ago
I am totally busted, If i could only remember ' know what they say ,"if you can remember it you weren't there".Seriously, I am honored with your comment,sounds like we experienced some of the same pleasures in our younger days. Thanx Silverman.....Doc
XS09 19th May 2017 16:10 -  7 years ago

on U Radio Flyer by DrCoolest
Nice song!I like the guitar play alot throughout the whole track.Sound quality is a bit poor unfortunately.It sounds a bit muffled if youcould fix that i think it would do it more justice.Still a great song!Well done!
DrCoolest replied 20th May 2017 - 7 years ago
You are of course right,this tune was done four or five years ago kinda in a hurry 'cause I had lot's of other stuff going' on at the time.The master went into deep storage and I won't likely have another chance to fine tune the edit.Just not enough hours in the day.....nice positive comment and I really appreciate your input.Always humbled to hear words like great, well done, nice song ....thanx ....Doc
imakebeatsLF 18th May 2017 10:20 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
loving the song title

not into this style but thought I would give it a bash

i like the guitar sounds and the layers work well together

good chord progression

overall good track, and brings something different to the table

DrCoolest replied 20th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Wow always makes me feel good to receive a comment, especially a positive from a
listener that isn't even into this rock LankFrampard .......thanx.....Doc
TrippyHippyCrew 14th May 2017 20:30 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
this is quite pleasant. It makes me think of a beach. but like after walking away from an explosion kind of thing. very trippy. nice guitar, volumes are perf!
DrCoolest replied 15th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Hey THC so nice to hear you enjoyed this one...I love your take at the beach.
I felt the ocean was in there somewhere.."trippy" was the objective so sounds like
success. ....Doc
crucethus 13th May 2017 03:53 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
Silverman has a great point, I feel kinda the same way, brilliant but give us something more to ground us too.
DrCoolest replied 13th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanx for the wonderful comment(brilliant is so cool).Sorry it did not please you as
one might expect.This is a minimalistic recording not really intended
to break into separate movements but more into a wall of sound that the listener
has to separate.Not a genre for everyone,I know it's so mono, and as
a composition it sounds like that's the way you heard it. So in my attempt
to create a minimalism recording I succeeded.As always it's difficult to
place our stuff in the proper genre just not enough choices.Oh well ..
hope the next one is more to your liking. ..thanx.....Doc
DesignedImpression 13th May 2017 03:31 -  7 years ago

on Everyone Wants Love by DrCoolest
Interesting work really. Real moment captured. Enjoyed the instrumentation throughout. Living freestyle, fitting for the beginning of the night all the way through to the next shinning light. Really liking that guitar work. Smooth work with the effects, gets things in a perfect like motion. Keep doing it! Thank you for sharing with us. Good lyrics too Peace.
DrCoolest replied 13th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Wow, always great to hear input, especially positive.Thanx so much.
Living freestyle...super compliment..glad you enjoyed this one. ..Doc
silverman 13th May 2017 01:41 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
Dear Doctor,
I just listened to some of your stuff.
So much potential!
People are listening to your stuff and hardly any comments.
I'm sure it's because you're not mixing things down.
All the tracks in each tune seem to be playing at the same level.
No breaks no pauses no changes.
When you get something going you stick with it and keep it repeating.
I know that place.
It's because your enjoying that moment so much.
There are some great sounds coming from you.
Stop enjoying yourself so much in those headphones.
Stop with the self indulgence and edit your work.
If you do I think more people will stop by and leave comments.
Seriously some great sounding stuff but too chaotic.
DrCoolest replied 14th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks for your considerate input.I actually do this to be self indulgent
as I don't receive pay and just do it for my pleasure,I'm not that concerned
about folks leaving comments and there may not be any listeners that enjoy
my edits. Minimalism-inpressionism is sometimes a tedious genre to listen
to and not all will enjoy it.I am grateful to Looperman and the members
for allowing me to express my "art" in my own way and appreciate any
and all input.....Doc
silverman 13th May 2017 01:31 -  7 years ago

on The Party At The Pond by DrCoolest
My favourite of your stuff.
DrCoolest replied 13th May 2017 - 7 years ago
This is truly an honor to receive a comment from you, further that you've
listened to more of my stuff is more than I would ask for.You have been one of our favorites,we wait to hear your creativity,thanks for your great input....Doc
silverman 13th May 2017 01:07 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
With determination I got three quarters of the way through but it was unpleasant to be honest.
Calm it down.
It needs mastering.
There are some great possibilities but no one in or out of their minds could .... I might be wrong.
Lets see what others think.
DrCoolest replied 14th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Again thank you for your comments....Doc
silverman 13th May 2017 01:04 -  7 years ago

on Younger Dolphins by DrCoolest
Psychedelic for sure but but but it's completely mad!
Somewhere in there is a great track but at the moment it's just a huge onslaught a wall of noise!
There needs to be some breaks some pauses some changes to the wall of sound that is so overpowering I can't get to the end of this!!!!!
DrCoolest replied 13th May 2017 - 7 years ago
Of course you are right.This is like other of my tunes "minimalistic"
not really edited to separate(but edited).Not for all to listen, but I appreciate
your input....thanx,....Doc
Squennix 3rd Feb 2017 16:10 -  7 years ago

on ZCHECK by DrCoolest
Niiiice story of a journy of a crazy human drifting somewhere in the emptyness of a unknown galaxy with big blue planets, green suns and metalic, hyperintelligent lifeforms. 9:28. The human decides to get down on a blue planet. 11:28. He crashes into a blue tree, covering the reddish swamp, where some strange animals are chilling. 12:15. An animal is seeing the human and is starting to hunt it, but the human can hide in a cold cave. When it gets farther into the cave he notices some lightning stones. It decides to live on this planet for a while...
That's my imagination, sorry if you aren't with me^^
DrCoolest replied 4th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
I see your vision and it looks right.This song is mostly guitar parts that are intended to make you high and hopefully make you picture stuff just like you described.Thanx for the great story and now that you told it i'm with you....Doc