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2Sisters 17th Apr 2023 09:53 -  1 year ago

on Sky Of You by AneemA
this is really a very nicely arranged track. Well mixed and mastered. The use of the individual instruments is wonderfully timed. The song has a nice calming character. I also ask myself the question: With so much talent, when will you have a new track? Greetings Manuela
DvineTragedy 14th Apr 2023 15:38 -  1 year ago

on Sky Of You by AneemA
Just my speed. Well done
BaoBou 14th Apr 2023 13:36 -  1 year ago

on Sky Of You by AneemA
Very nice! It's almost 8 years old so now I'm curious if you have any new tracks? :)
Rhodesy 15th Nov 2015 17:13 -  8 years ago

on Sky Of You by AneemA
Beautiful moment.
mrwolf14 27th Feb 2015 13:27 -  9 years ago

on Midnight Blue by AneemA
Hi MrAneema,
Cool track. I like the harp part and the sax melody works very nicely with it.
I would maybe use a different sound for the melody: it is very hard to get a convincing sax out of a VST, and on the other hand is quite easy to get impressive synth sounds with them.

Regarding the "messy part".
Nothing terribly wrong with your track.
My only thought is that your harp line is "approx" on 90bpm while most likely the drum loop is "exactly" at 90bpm.
I don't know how familiar you are with midi editing, but the main idea is to bring the midi part on the exact tempo. As Epic suggested (he warned me I shouldn't call him MrEpic) quantization is one possible approach. Personally I am not a big fan of this method, because if not applied properly is easy to make the part sound too "machine-like". Everything you need to do is to go in the "piano roll" editor (not sure which DAW are you using but most programs offer such feature) and select/move all the notes "bar for bar" so that the first note of the bar is exactly on the 1.beat.
Not so clear I know... but trial and error is what you need!
Ciao, Domenico

DISCLAIMER: I can't call myself an "expert" and all my recommendations should be taken for what they are... just ideas! Feel free to experiment and contradict what I have suggested! I am the first one to not-follow my own advises!
AneemA replied 27th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Yes, the beat and the harp is slightly different in tempo (I use tempo coz I dont know what exactly bpm means, ahaha). Thanks for your advice.
Btw, what is DAW?
BradoSanz 27th Feb 2015 09:41 -  9 years ago

on Midnight Blue by AneemA
From what I can hear, the problem seems to be your harp and drums clashing. The drums are what sound to be MIDI loops, while your harp was tracked live without quantization. Quantization is what makes your track perfect, without any lag-time (unless that is what you'd want) so that the drums and harp would mesh. The issue is your harp falls out of time, because - and I'm just guessing - the harp was tracked live and the drum loop was a perfect, on-time loop. Maybe try to rerecord the harp with some sort of MIDI device? I think most keyboards can do MIDI now. Just a thought, and I could be wrong. I do like the idea behind this track. That harp is rather interesting and keeps my attention. Cheers!
AneemA replied 27th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion, Epic! I am actually not familiar with the use of MIDI, but the quantization I think I could make-do manually? As it is the drum loops, I might try to take it out and make the exact same beat (or maybe add and edit) it in the hope to match the other 2 sounds. That's what I guess I could do.
15ludwicke 21st Feb 2015 18:25 -  9 years ago

on Dashh by AneemA
No off beats here for me. Great production! I think you'd be good at making trance too, you should try it some time!

Rico L.
AneemA replied 21st Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Wow, thanks Rico. I hear it at least 3 missing timings. This is definitely an encouragement from you. :)
I do like trance so I couldn't help not putting those pads. Will try on trance some time.