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DayDayBeats 12th Dec 2018 14:27 -  5 years ago

on MT-OFFICIAL SOUND- Clear Head Synth by MTOfficialSound
this is sweet! could you send me the loop without the arpeggiator though ?
DayDayBeats 12th Dec 2018 14:18 -  5 years ago

on Sad XXXTentacion type loop by Sorus
what's the key of this?
Sorus replied 12th Dec 2018 - 5 years ago
Sorry But I have no idea, I didnt save the loop on accident so I cant go check. It might be in E though from just listening to it by ear. Id stick to something minor though
DayDayBeats 15th Aug 2018 01:32 -  5 years ago

on Bayek of Siwa by GeloMelo
this is raawww
GeloMelo replied 15th Aug 2018 - 5 years ago
Super glad you dig it! Thank you :)
DayDayBeats 13th Apr 2018 02:38 -  6 years ago

on scarlxrd type drums by brvdy
dang bro.. this hard as fuck!