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Description : its a little bass loop i created using subboombass it can go anyway you want when i was creating it i heard club all day in my head lol enjoy

Description : i just made this right now for the community i made them in a way where every bar if you slice every 1 bar you will have 4 ways to play it...enjoy make something crazy!! i know i will :) peace!

Description : this is one of the loops i created for a track of mine the beat is hard but i wanted to share part of the drums i created for it. if you throw some mean pianos like something dark it will sit nicely trust me i know lol enjoy i also had a scratch i did at the end if you dont like it let me know i will add it with out the scratch. peace and keep blazin those beats...100

Description : i created these drumz practicing my drumming i think if you have a good sound behind will fit niceee. enjoy do as you want with it. peace.

Description : a drum loop i made for a track i produced feel free to use it i feel its solid good sounding the kick matches the snare.

Description : a synth loops i created for one of my tracks in flstudio feel free to use it. i think it would fit in good for a special part of your track.

Description : a house loop i created and wanted to share feel free to use it anyway you like Enjoy.

Description : just a drum loop i created on flstudio 11 feel free to use it anyway you like.

Loops 151 - 158 of 158
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