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Description : Star Spangled Banner is a hard tune to play on the Harmonica. The file was too large to upload the full version. Let me know if you use it, thanks!

Description : Straight Harmonica vamping style on the Chromatic with no effects in the Key of C. I call this one "Around The House" with a little how is ur auld one!! Mind the dresser now!! lol

Description : A little Harmonica loop ditty I call "Grand Finale" again in C chord. Let me know if you use it, cheers!

Description : This is my first Harmonica loop in the key of C called Chase Me Charlie, I've got barley, up the leg of me drawers. Its got a little Wah-Wah! wowzeee

Description : A nice little Ukulele jingle in the Key of C that can be used for a multitude of projects, including intros, outros, etc.
I call it the "Shamoozey Uke Jingle" Have fun with it and let me know if you use it, thanks!!

I love my ukulele!!

Description : This time we scale up and down the Ukulele in C. Please let me know if you use any of my Ukulele loops! Would love to hear them in a tune or whatever. Thanks!

Description : Scaling down the Ukulele and played with love.

Description : The Ukulele is a great sounding instrument. This loop I call "scale up uke" in key of C. I'm sure it can be manipulated so there is No effects, recorded in wav format and just played raw.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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