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Description : Ableton Impulse

Description : Ableton Impulse

Description : Ableton Impulse.

Description : I made this loop when boredom took over me, i personally liked it. I thought it had a real club based feel to it. Feel free to use it but dont forget to show me what you've made with it :P

Description : Made in Reason 4.

Description : Made in reason 4.

Description : Just some chopped samples imported into Addictive Drums and arranged in Fruity Loops.

Description :

Description : Made in Reason 4. An example of a loop from my loop pack that I wish to sell here.

Description : znorling sound

Description : Drum without znorling sound !-)

Description : This drum sounds very fast and jumpy

Description : a little Dub in a drum fill

Description : hip hop cymbals with scratches

Description : loud volume backwards scratch

Description : that drum var 4

Description : that drum var 3

Description : that drum var 2

Description : that drum var 1

Description : use with that drum var-s

Description : hereee comes da

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description : My first loop with Reason4, please let me know how to improve! Working with only 2 months of tampering. Hope you enjoy :)

Loops 776 - 800 of 811
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