WokWave - Brakeback Mangler

Developer : WokWave 3805 0
Type : Plugin | OS : Win 32Bit | Format : VST
Tags : Delay, Filter, Overdrive, Panner, Drive, Reverse, Tape Stop
Brakeback Mangler


Brakeback Mangler is an audio mangler for tapestop/reverse/delay effects.

It includes a tape-stop effect, a reverse playback unit, an instant non-stop reverse sound faker and a stereo delay with filter, overdrive and forward/backward/pingpong/panner extras.

The effects are connected in a row, so the tape stop or backwards effect is sent thru the delay. As the delay has it's own bw-fw mode, interesting mixtures can be achieved. When delay feedback is zero, in bw-fw mode with the mix to full fx only the backwards delay is present, which is then a mangled forward sound if the FAKER or BACK is on...

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