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Type : Plugin | OS : IOS | Format : Standalone
Tags : Guitar Pedal Emulation
GFX Lite


GFX Lite, you get a complete pocket-size guitar processor. Get access to massive collection of realistic sounding effects and amps right on your portable device.

ToneLib GFX Lite is a collection of guitar amps, speaker cabinets, and effects that let you easily turn your portable device into a powerful guitar and bass processor. With a massive collection of guitar effects and amps that fully captures the sound of their simulated equivalents, you can create a unique guitar tone and take it with you - to rehearsal, gig, or jam session

A complete set of essential guitar amps and effects

ToneLib GFX Lite provides its users with a set of 5 amplifiers that are suitable for creating a guitar tone for almost any musical genre. In addition, ToneLib GFX Lite includes 18 various effects, 12 speaker cabinet simulations, 5 built-in guitar cabinet impulses and 3 bass cabinet impulses.

High quality realistic sound at low CPU load

All ToneLib GFX gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuit diagrams of highly-sought-after, real-world products. The oversampling is auto-adjusted to your session’s sample rate to save valuable CPU power while providing the most transparent sound possible.

Fully equipped workspace for guitar practice

Among other things, ToneLib GFX Lite provides all the tools you need to organize your guitar practice routine: from a high-precision tuner to a full-featured rhythm player that includes both a variety of metronomes and a drum machine, with a huge number of recorded drum parts covering most musical genres.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • high-precision modeling based on actual circuit diagrams of highly-sought-after real-world products
  • 5 amps, 18 effects and 20 cab sims
  • Possibility to create parallel effect chains with the Splitter tool
  • Ultra-low latency, virtually undetectable for real-time playing
  • Low CPU power consumption in all operating modes
  • The number of effects in the chain is limited only by the capabilities of the device
  • Drag-and-drop effects in the chain for easy tone creation
  • 128 slot advanced built-in preset browser
  • Built-in high-precision tuner
  • Built-in flexible metronome and rhythm player
  • 99 pre-recorded drum loops of different music genres


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