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Type : Instrument | OS : Win 32Bit | Format : VST
Tags : Synth


Swierk is a relatively straight forward subtractive synthesizer with familiar sound generators, controls, routing, look and feel.

Swierk comprises of 4 sound generators, 2 oscillators with 3 different selectable waveforms, a sub oscillator and a noise generator.

6 “internal” modulation sources can be routed via any of the 12 modulation slots to a choice of 20 destinations. 2 onboard low frequency oscillators. 2 simple ADSR envelopes and the new 8 stage envelope generator give users the ability to create a wide range of sounds. The “external” matrix is where users can route midi controls such as pitch wheel, mod wheel and velocity to 37 different destinations in any of the 8 modulation slots. The new simple preset manager allows for easy browser and file management of the 128 presets that come with Swierk. 50 of which have been created by several excellent sound designers. More presets are available for free from the saltline preset page.

Swierk was chosen for OSC64. All the track s below were entered into the competition and created using only Swierk as the sound source. 


Download Swierk From Saltline Website (opens external url)

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    RONNIEN on Sun 10th Apr 2016 - 2 years ago
    Thank You for this Great synth!) Honestly it is a shame to me for the inability to donate even a dollar for the further development.Anyway i was pleasantly surprised to find out this Synth)The problem is , that i didn't find out how can i regulate the volume of the notes in piano roll(Fl Studio).For example - I have a Swierk playing some chords , and i wanted to lower down the volume only of the higher note in the piano roll(Fl Studio) and that didnt work , then i tried to modulate the cut off with key follow in inverted mode , but that wasn't too good , so i decided to cut some resonating frequences of a particular note by using an eq. Sometimes this note edditing function is really needed , and i don't want to use Sylent or some other synths, just because they can do it , i like the sound of Swierk. So my question is : is there any posibility to fix thi issue somehow ? Hope you'll have the time to answer the question. Also i hope that next maybe few years i will be able to buy the software , and support different divelopers , including YOU! Thanks again for this wonderfull synhesizer))
Comments 1 - 1 of 1

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