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Type : Plugin | OS : Win 32Bit | Format : VST
Tags : Delay


With NoizeDelay you can program four different delays at the same time. NoizeDelay is the creativity weapon for your music production and has been developed by CPS. Now you don’t need to stuck in a rut anymore. Be creative and use it for different effect purposes, like a dub-delay, an experimental modulation-delay, a ping-pong-delay, filter- or glitch-delay.

Each of the four taps works individually, so each tap has its own timeline. You can set the delaytime on the timeline by dragging the blue trackball. If you set the blue trackball exactly to the white barlines, called divisions, then NoizeDelay will sync to the tempo of the host. In the optionbar at the bottom, you can synchronize the BPM to the DAW, if you set the BPM-mode to „Host-DAW“, otherwise you can manually type in a BPM value of your choice.


Download NoizeDelay From Noizefield Website (opens external url)

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