Krakli Software - Cygnus

Developer : Krakli Software 3205 0
Type : Instrument | OS : Win 32Bit | Format : VST, VST3
Tags : Phaser, Reverb, Synth, Analog Synth, Noise Generator


Cygnus is one of the older Krakli plugins but still remains a favourite for some, in part due to its distinctive sound.

The story behind Cygnus revolves around Tim Conrardy an amazing patch creator and musician who is sadly no longer with us. Tim was very active in the early days of Krakli writing sensational patches for a number of Krakli plugins.

Tim was also very keen on Astronomy so as a thank you to Tim I created a synth which not only had a space-themed GUI but which also had sound generators that attempted to recapture recordings of sounds created by Pulsars and other heavenly bodies. It made an impact so later on, I created a version with a more conventional GUI (created by another Synthedit developer OdO).

/p>Lastly as it had been featured on a video series called gearwire I created a further version that allowed the loading of soundfont sample files mixable with the original sound generators.

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