Fanan - Spacelifter 3

Developer : Fanan 4520 0
Type : Plugin | OS : Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit | Format : VST
Tags : Panner, Tape Delay, Reverse
Spacelifter 3


Spacelifter 3 is the next evolution step for our modular space effect that combines 3 top crafted spacing modules: most aggressive duration, capacity and echo modules connected in parallel, master modulation effect, side-chaining and a ping pong panning effect for each of the spacing modules. Spacelifter 3 can perfectly mix any kind of audio source, from drums to vocals and add some exiting panning and modulation joys to your mix.

The LFO module. The modulation effect is based on 5 motion engines. It can create a constant vibration or a gated one, depended on the amount of the added effect. It can be synced to the host's BPM or either played at manual speed.

The ping pong module. The ping-pong module is a panning effect based on 2 motion techniques: constant (in motion mode) and Immediate. It can be synced to the host's BPM and create increased\decreased movement or immediate jump from one panning point to another.

The side-chaining module. The side-chaining module allows the ducking effect between the dry signal and the wet signal on a frequency basis. Each of the 9 drawbars represents a frequency range and by pushing the drawbar down, the wet signal will be ducked at that frequency range.



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