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Developer : Audio Fusion 2947 0
Type : Plugin | OS : Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit | Format : VST, VST3, AU, AAX
Tags : Compressor, EQ, Gain


Stereo compressor with characteristics close to the “pumping” effect, indicated for use in bands that require beyond dynamic range control, also “punch” at the first note or signal sent to the compressor.


  • Input – Input signal gain control from -12db to + 12db
  • Att – Attack ranging from 1.2ms to 500ms
  • Rel – Relase ranging from 20ms to 5s
  • Thereshold – with decibel range from 0db to -36db
  • Ratio – Compression ratio, ranging from 1: 1 to 200: 1
  • Knee – Curve gives compression, which varies between values 1 and 5
  • Output – Output signal gain control from -12db to + 12db.
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Audio Fusion


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