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Audio Freakout - Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer

0 CommentsDeveloper : Audio Freakout
Type : Plugin | OS : Win 64Bit | Format : VST3
Tags : Stereo Enhancement
Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer


Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer VST Plugin allows you to, make your sound larger by expanding the stereo image of your track. Our stereo enhancement algorithm works simply yet effectively.

You can place the plugin on your master track but due to its light-weight nature we suggest using it on single tracks with slightly different settings on each to create more vibrant sounding results.

The options available are coarse but just enough to achieve the stereo width broadening that you desire in your mix.

The plugin's user interface offers you the possibility to switch between low-end, middle or high-end focused enhancement. The other knob allows you to modify the resolution and threshold of the effect - from mild to bananas.

Audio Freakout - Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Audio Freakout website where you can download the software direct.

Download Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer From Audio Freakout Website

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