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Limited Time Offer - Exclusive Loopcloud Coupons

Posted on 2020-10-23 in Promotions2 Comments27975 Views

For a limited time, Loopcloud is offering a 30% discount on an annual Studio subscription plan for new producers who sign up with these discount coupons, but hurry this offer is only available until 23:59 PST 31st October 2020

A Loopcloud Studio annual subscription plan is available with an additional 30% off for a limited time with these coupons, but hurry this offer is only available until 23:59 PST 31st October 2020.

How to claim your discount

What is Loopcloud?

Loopcloud is the largest, most diverse and critically acclaimed 100% royalty-free sample library on the planet.

The revolutionary Loopcloud software gives you a window into a world of 20 years of sampling, with access to millions of sounds by the best sample libraries on the planet. For the first time, browse through your purchases and individual sounds from a huge collection of packs, enabling you to create your own custom sample library.

All your samples in one place

Add your existing sample collection and Loopcloud will analyse and auto-tag them all. When searching for sounds Loopcloud will give you the best match whether the sounds are from your personal collection or from our online Loopcloud store faster than ever.

Complete DAW integration

The Loopcloud app syncs to your DAW and allows you to audition any sound in perfect time and in the correct key of your project.

Audition sounds from your library or the Looplcoud store and edit, apply FX, and experiment (without spending a single point), so you can be sure to purchase only what your project requires.

Intuitive 8-track editor and pattern creator

Explore and experiment with new ideas using the 8-track editor. Slice, edit and rearrange samples and add effects such as reverb, delay and grain-stretch - even on sounds you've not yet purchased.

Intuitive 8-track editor and pattern creator

Cloud Storage

Uploading your sample collection to their cloud storage is a great way to backup your personal sample library, and access your sounds from anywhere.

Inspirational plugins

Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY are their first cloud-connected plugin instruments that give users access to an ever-expanding library of content in the Loopcloud store.

No commitments!

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time, and keep your purchases forever.

Click here for more info or to claim your discount !!

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  1. Lek
    Lek on Tue 3rd Nov 2020 - 11 months ago

    Too late now I guess, but I take it no-one did this then

  2. Lek
    Lek on Wed 28th Oct 2020 - 12 months ago

    Has anyone taken up this offer? If so, can anyone give me some idea of the ratio of samples to loops on there? I'm not really interested in loops, but if there are plenty of good quality samples I might be interested in trying the free trial.

Comments 1 - 2 of 2

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