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Free Plugins And Huge Savings - Black Friday Week At Plugin Boutique

Posted on 2018-11-20 in Promotions3 Comments61056 Views

Our good friends over at Plugin Boutique have started rolling out their Black Friday deals and this year they have gone over the top once again.

If you are on the look out to beef up your sonic toolkit then this is the time to strike a deal and grab yourself a bargain. As ever there is far too much on offer to list everything but in this post we'll go over the highlights but recommend you go take a browse for yourself.

Free Izotope Neutron Elements with every purchase

The first thing to mention is that you can claim a free copy of Izotope Neutron Elements when you purchase anything from Plugin Boutique. The crazy thing is that you'll find some items on sale for just $1. In a nutshell, grab one of the $1 deals and get Izotope Neutron Elements (RRP $150) for free. The offer ends on 30th November 2018. Just make any purchase and you'll see it automagically appear in your basket for free.

Check the following video to see what Izotope Neutron Elements is all about.

Izotope Neutron can learn the contents of any track and automatically generate settings in its EQ, compressor, exciter and transient shaper. By analysing the audio material on multiple tracks in a project, Neutron kickstarts the mixing process and leaves you free to refine it to your liking or get on with making better music

$1 Flash Sales - Up To 99% off

As we mentioned above you'll find some items listed for as little as $1. All the deals are listed here but we have listed a few of them bellow.

100% off Ravage Lite by SoundSpot - Free Download

You cant get much more of a bargain then 100% off !! Theres no excuse to not go and grab this one. Even if you dont know what it does go download Ravage Lite from SoundSpot just to get that fuzzy feeling you get from a freebie. The offer is only available for a limited time so make sure to follow the link bellow, login and download.

100% off SoundSpot Ravage Lite - Free Download

Download Ravage Lite by SoundSpot

When you’re striving to get that big & full sound like you hear on commercial releases, often the key ingredient in the mix is distortion. Distortion adds additional harmonics to a signal, which increases the perceived volume. By increasing the perceived volume, you are able to reduce the peak levels in your mix which translates into more headroom for better masters.

Ravage Lite is a scaled-back version of our forthcoming Ravage Creative Distortion plugin, which is perfect for when you just need a touch of extra warmth and sparkle in a highly CPU friendly way. The Ravage Lite has just one flavour of distortion which is a combination of the 6 distortion styles found in its big brother. The Ravage Lite also includes up to 16x oversampling.

Too much to choose from ! What do you recommend ?

There is so much on offer this year its a bit of an overload. What do you have your eye on or what would you recommend to others and why.

We'll try and update this post as more Plugin Boutique deals come out.

Did you buy anything or download the freebies ?

It would be great to get your feedback in the comments. Even if its just to say that you did the right thing and downloaded the freebies. If you made a purchase, let us know what you got and how much you saved.

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  1. Mahloo13
    Mahloo13 on Mon 26th Nov 2018 - 2 years ago

    There is some cool stuff I'd recommend for sure:

    Melodyne 4 Essential

    Fabfilter PRO-Q2 (or the compresser or limiter, they have great stuff)

    The Eventide Stuff from which I'd recommend the H910 and/or the H3000

    The McDSP stuff (I'd recommend the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip)

    The JST Clip

    It's way to hard to make a list, if in doubt just go with the Fabfilter ProQ2. It's an amazing tool.

  2. Nubes
    Nubes on Thu 22nd Nov 2018 - 2 years ago

    I definitely checked out all the options, bought myself the Air Music Vacuum Pro.

    Also got the freebies, definitely some good stuff for 1 dollar!

    Reply by Looperman

    fantastic, glad to hear it :) at a dollar you cant go wrong

  3. Mahloo13
    Mahloo13 on Wed 21st Nov 2018 - 2 years ago

    A lot of great deals!

    Reply by Looperman

    Yeh, anything you would recommend for users trying to better their mix or master ?

Comments 1 - 3 of 3

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