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  • From : Chesapeake, United States
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About Me

Im 23 years old. Music has always made me happy. No matter the shape or form. Iv never been too interested in the people making the music, i wouldnt be able to tell you a single member of even the most popular band. Not even my own favorite band. Haha. Anoher silly thing about me is i dont hear words in music. I only hear the tone and pitch and how everything flows together. I cant tell u the words but ill be damned if i cant tell u what key its in. Thats about it for me. Whether i make it big one day or end up homeless with a guitar. Im good with it.

Instruments I play

I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, violen/viola, and zither (google it).

Software I Use

Ableton live 8
And about a million plugins.

Hardware I Use

Multi use effects pedal
Drums with mics

Listening To Right Now

Currently stuck on zomboy and metallica.

10 Favourite Albums

Couldnt tell you. Only know the songs.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Oh man. Metallica, bullet for my valentine, zomboy, skrillex, dragonforce, eminem, muse, gorilla zoe, atreyu, deadmau5, guns n roses, garth brookes, toby keith, tech 9, underoath, lamb of god, led zeppelin, avenged sevenfold, bach, mozart, beethoven, pink floyd erik satie, joe satriani(big one), and many many others. Either ill just turn on the radio or put 1 of these artist in pandora.

My Music Sounds Like

Um...I dont really have a specific genre i like making, in fact, i couldnt even tell you what the genre would b for half of my songs. I make what i like, and i like what i make. But i usually stay around dub, electric, rock, chillout, rnb, metal, or blues. Or a combination of a few of them.

In My Other Life I ...

Im in the construction biz. Im on the top ranking crew in the nation for window world. Most days i work n e where from 9-13 hrs a day 6-7 days a week if the weather allows it. Which leaves very little room for music. And im constantly sheltering/helping family members which takes up a lot of time and space as well.