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DJ affliation: Tribe 6/Moebius Records/Jack Kitty Records/Soundclick

"Philly phunk makes it way back down South...."

Started in Murfreesboro TN, this southern-based FSOL influenced act bring an eclectic approach to the world of electronica mixing ambient and psychedelic elements to an audio arsenal that spans the full spectrum of synthesized music. Originally led by Philadelphia native Otis Brown (then ambient/industrial/noise artist Otep 147), ex-Self bassist Timm Nobles, and Very George frontman Rick Perry, they are arguably one of the first acts to effectively bring underground electronic dance to audiences in many parts of the South. And what a killer live show; full of lights and visuals. Now, revamped and with a rotating lineup led by Otis, this act continues to push limits; still meshing genres and sounds. As a remixer and producer, Rigger has worked with and done remixes for a multitude of artists including Fraz, 3K Static, songwriter Les Rivera (aka El Malito), Houston Bernard, Atomchild, Mouse on Mars, Needles Jones, Turbine, Self, DJ Mowgly, Casey Grabowski (aka Etchant and Passable Plastic), Rude Corps, and Las Vegas trance mavens Ghost in the Machine. The Rigger studio sound incorporates a wide array of samples and sound effects, ranging from BBC nature recordings to NASA space broadcasts and special effects. With those samples mixed underneath added synthwork and effects inspired by dance pioneers such as the Orb, the Future Sound of London, and Underworld, their experiences become an almost extraterrestrial experience.

Otis is a second generation musician; the son of piano prodigy Mary Brown and respected jazz musician, the late Otis Brown, Jr....both published poets and highly respected in their own right nationally as well as in their native Philadelphia.

With trance artist Ned Leslie (aka Bonic Supra), he co-owns Moebius Records that supports up and coming artists worldwide.

As a DJ, Otis's sets consists of a wide array of styles of breakbeat; ranging from Florida style funky breaks to UK-style nu skool. Though adept at spinning jungle and house as well, breakbeat seems to be his calling. During his time in his native Philadelphia, he co-founded with tag team partner DJ Sunshine, the legendary Phractured Phunk crew, a group of the city's finest breaks and hip-hop DJ's. Their talents were showcased every week as residents at Moda Lounge and a successful monthly at an event called Blingtastic. Local noteriety was gained co-hosting Fuck It Mondays with fellow DJ and friend Monica Sharp in the Old City section of Philadelphia. He's promoted many successful events in the northeast as well as the south and played with many prominent DJ's including John B, Lorin Bassnectar, and Reid Speed in various parts of the country.

In July 2006, Otis returned to the Philadelphia area after a year long hiatus and being away from his home turf for nearly 2 years in Chicago and Queens, NY. "The break was necessary. It was a great source of catharsis. I had demons to face down." Work was sporadic through the end of 2006 but yielded bombastically big remixes for varied artists and DJ sets continued to abound. 2007 has been a year of change with the resurrgence of gigs in Otis's hometown, a distribution deal with Jack Kitty Records, and the reconnection with Rigger co-founder Rick Perry who has continued on for many years as he began; a proficient singer/songwriter . "It's like Gilmour and Waters coming together again in many senses. We are two very creative, dynamic people each both with such a disciplined work ethic which is an essential part of this concept. He's always been my brother. And to keep this all going is not just to honor our contributions past and present to this music but those who put this together with us."

....A highly anticipated reunion is in the works....

2008 began with another move from Otis's native Philadelphia to Dallas, TX to join his girlfriend and reinvent the remarkable and concept that has now spanned over a decade of work...The sound has returned to the South...so watch out!
Producer. Remixer. DJ. Musician. Pioneer.

After a decade of work, Otis Brown and Rigger still continue to blaze trails for the US dance music scene.

Instruments I play

Bass guitar (14 years)

Software I Use

Reason, Acid 6, Ableton 6, Fruity Loops, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition

Hardware I Use

Korg Triton, Roland EG-101, Moog Concertmate, Roland MC 303, Yamaha Motiff, two Technics 1200's, Korg Kaoss Pad, Alesis NanoVerb, Yamaha Portasound, Roland CR-78

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10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Orb, Radiohead, FSOL, Aphex Twin, Orbital, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Underworld, Rennie Pilgrem, and many more...

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